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Jerrowtown is a historic gold mining town in the Otago region of New Zealand's South Island. At every corner, Arrowtown surprises with new activities, restaurants, cafes and accommodation. Main page " Arrowtown Featuring so much to bid for, browse and rediscover below what Arrowtown has to offer you. Enchanting and whimsical, Arrowtown is a lovely goldrush town situated among the lovely summits surrounding the glittering Arrow River. You will be bewitched by Historic Arrowtown, a New Zealand treasury.

Arrowtown... with everything so near, why go anywhere else?

It was founded in 1862 at the peak of the Otago goldrush.

It was founded in 1862 at the peak of the Otago goldrush. Growth was rapid when engineers began to build huts, stores, hotel and church complexes, more than 60 of which can still be seen today. One of the highlights is the Chineses settlements on the banks of the rivers. This area, erected by 1868 China mine workers, features renovated accommodations and structures and draws a glimpse of the past.

Numerous amusing artefacts present an authentically illustrated image of early Maori living in the Southern Lakes county, the hard pioneer period and the thrilling golden age from the middle to the end of the 19th century. Arrowtown's golden years are long gone (although you can still search for good luck in the river), so Arrowtown's emphasis is on accommodating people.

Arrowtown lights up with color in April and May when broad-leaved forests are preparing for winters. In the last weeks of April a celebration takes place to commemorate the city' s festive season and sparkling past. The Arrowtown has a number of caf├ęs, eateries and attractive stores.

Over Arrowtown, New Zealand Central Area around Questown

Just 20 minutes by car from Queenstown, the stunning landscape, the pronounced four season holiday season and the enchanting atmosphere make Arrowtown a must for travellers from all over the globe. Retained in its wealth of legacy and historical monuments, this attractive city is now a lively tourist attraction with first rate dining, drinks, shops and entertainment.

Situated on the bank of the Arrow River, Arrowtown was once a wealthy goldmine that drew mining people from around the globe to try their luck. By 1862, a thousand coal miners had streamed to the Arrow River to hear the cry of the " Golden". By the peak of the goldrush, the populace had risen to 7,000.

Lakes District Museum, situated on the city' s largest road, is the centre of the Arrowtown and surroundings story and the city' s most important information centre.

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