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Waikiki Health's mission is to provide quality medical and social services that are accessible and affordable to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. Daily updated with Live-HD-Cam-Stream. Sit back and relax in one of our comfortable guest rooms or spacious suites overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Waikiki Beach. The mythical Waikiki reefs with all kinds of surf boats are Queens & Canoes. The spicy hot sizzle of the Pacific Rim of Fire is mixed with the fresh, cool, tropical notes of Waikiki on our menu.

Ducal Restaurant

Feel at home, where the legendary Duke Kahanamoku was raised with swim, surf ing, canoing and bodyboarding. Duke was riding a 1.8 mile long break in Waikiki in 1929, probably the longest trip of all time. Do you know the picture in your head of Waikiki Beach, with the Diamond Head in the far away and jib canoe in a blue cove with warmwater?

Splash, bodysurf or windsurf, in hot blue waters right under Hawaii's Diamond Head-just like Duke.

We provide the expertise

Hawaiian Village Waikiki Resort, Hawaiian's premier swimming pools and beaches services company, is pleased to announce the appointment of its top management personnel, who work for the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Resort only. The Waikiki Community Center received the return of the prestige Koa Paddle won by the Waikiki Marriott Group for the year 2017 from Mr. Ihsan, Director of Real Estate at Waikiki Beaches Marriott Resort & Spa.

This eternal award goes to the overall champion of the Duke Kahanamoku Sea Challengers, which takes place every year at Hilton Hahwaiian Village. FOTOS SAY IT ALL - The challenging game is a funny, collaborative experience for locals and tourists with canoeing races and old Hwaiian macahiki game. Hawaii' premier swimming pools and beach services company, WBA, is pleased to announce the appointment of its top management personnel, who work for the Hilton Village Waikiki Resort in Hawaii.

The WBA has developed into one of the biggest beacheservices in Waikiki since the 1980s. We are located at the Hilton Hawaiian Villa Beachesort & Spa, the Pacific's biggest seaside resorts, and it really is a seaside town where Duke Paoa Kahanamoku, the founder of international surfing and the Aloha Ambassador, is at home.

Have a look at a listing of the different kinds of sea sports we do. You' re going to enjoy these Waikiki cruise catamarans.

Maternity dragging her to Waikiki grabs her wallet

It occurred around 10:30 a.m. on Friday before the Waikiki aquarium. Wells say the pregant unfortunate was with her female offspring when a man fabric to be in his advanced 20's grabbed her bag. The 35-year-old lady tried to grab her handbag and was towed.

When Cathy Kahoohanohano left the Waikiki tank with her grandfather and grandnephew, she realized something weird. "When we came out the front porch, we saw five cops approaching a lady. There was an emergency vehicle entering the tank entrance. It' s unbelievable to me that someone would do this to a expectant wife - or anyone in Waikiki.

And I don't know how to say my revulsion with these people," said Bob Finley, chairman of the Waikiki Neighborhood Director. Whilst ownership offences are widespread in Waikiki, Finley says that pickpocketing in the middle of the day is not the case. Says the executive committee is dedicated to protecting Waikiki. "Susan Ballard, the new boss, seems to have a great interest in Waikiki.

Anybody with information is requested to call the Honolulu Police at 529-3111.

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