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Booking Papageno Resort, Fiji on TripAdvisor: Diving holidays at Kadavu Island Papageno Resort, Fiji. Papageno Resort on Kadavu Island is a truly unique jewel in the South Pacific. The Papageno Resort Fiji Islands is located on the north coast of Kadavu. Booking Papageno Resort, Kadavu Island on TripAdvisor:

The Papageno Resort | The Tourism Fiji website

On Kadavu, environmentally safe, 24 hours electricity, full barservice, warm waters, shielded Boers and all rooms with overhead ventilators and private bathroom. The Papageno Resort draws most of its energy from a large sun system, so it's really serene. There is a long, beautiful sandstrand right outside the door and next to the Papageno Resort for those who enjoy walking on the sands.

Canoes are available in front of the resorts and also free. up by Ono. The Papageno Village Visiting resorts offer village vocal tours, gospes vocal tours, angling tours and massage..... On the seafront we have luxurious bureaus with shielded verandas and tea/coffee facilities, fridges and en suites, bathrooms and overheads. There are also rooms by the sea with only one common partition, ventilators, refrigerators and shielded verandas.

The villa has a kitchenette, lounge, ventilators, fridge, possibility for teas and coffees and a shielded veranda. Royal Bure has 3 bedrooms with 3 en suites, large open plan cooking area, large lounge, children's bedroom, overhead fan, fridge, teas and cafe. In our Ocean Front suites there are 2 bedrooms with 2 en suites, lounge, kitchenette with tee and coffe, large veranda and overhead ventilators.

Each room has 24 hours of electricity and can be rented at the hotel with diving master. FREE at the resorts is the use of our kayak, snorkelling gear, ping-pong and billiards. The Papageno Village offers a mix of traditional Fiji food and traditional Egyptian food. Includes muesli, egg, pastries, homemade jam and fruit, accompanied by a cup of hot water, a cup of hot water and a cup of caffee.

Lunch is prepared from the ground up and includes delicious greenery. Including home-made bread and butters.

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