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Following the collaboration with Tony Conrad on the debut record Outside the Dream Syndicate, Faust released Faust IV at Virgin's Studio in England. They disbanded in 1975 after Virgin refused their fifth record (some of the records later released on the Munich and other albums), but the re-release of their records and various extra footage by Chris Cutler's Recommended Records kept up the interest.

Faust performed in Manchester in 2007. Faust experienced the way her early recordings were presented. Her first record was initially published on clear vinyls, in a transparent case with an X-ray of a man's hand on the cloak. So Far, their second record, used the colour blacks extensively, although inside the cover were leaves with a different artwork for each one.

Faust Tapes had a disconcerting op-art op-around artwork by Bridget Riley, while Faust IV had a set of empty sticks. When Faust was dissolved, the group' s fate was not known; the Recommended Records catalogs spoke of the "disappearance" of the group. There are three shows on the offical website in the 80's and the outtake collection "Patchwork" contains three snipets from the 80's, but otherwise the group' activity between 1975 and 1990 remains mysterious.

The members Irmler, Diermaier and Péron met again in 1990 and 1992. In 1994 Faust made his first tour of the United States with Péron and Diermaier, supported by Steven Wray Lobdell and members of Sonic Youth as support act. In 2002 he also put together and published the remixed CD "Patchwork".

Sosna' s chronical alcoholics ended a brief meeting with Faust "after four or five strenuous days",[4] and he passed away on November 10, 1996. Since then they have performed in various arrangements and with various other artists, with Diermaier always standing behind the drums. 1996 Diermaier and Péron Olivier Manchion and Amaury Cambuzat from the Ulan Bator group of France meet.

In November 1996 they appeared together for the first case as "Collectif Met(z)" (this Quartett became the foundation of a later Faust line-up and this concerto was part of a publication from 2005). Faust appeared a few nights later in the garage in London and in the Transmusicales de Rennes with Chris Cutler.

Péron quit the group in June 1997 after two recording sessions. Faust was touring as Zappi W. from mid 1997 to 2004. Diermaier, Hans Joachim Irmler, Steven Wray Lobdell, Lars Paukstat and Michael Stoll, who released many other studios and life-releases. In 2005 Diermaier/Péron's new Faust debuted at the Art-Errorist Avant Garde at Schiphorst, where they also presented a new publication called Collectif Met(z), a compilation of 1996 and 2005 concertos and unpublished solos.

In 2007, they also included Trial and Error, which was published on CD by the forty-five label. The group' s reincarnation was very vibrant, with several CD-R and DVD-R releases and extensive tours, among them a very succesful UK concert in the fall of 2005, which took place in 2007 as..... In April 2007 the three from Diermaier, Péron and Cambuzat appeared at a Rock in Opposition Fest in France.

In addition, this triple line-up made a new record called Disconnected, which has been shuffled by Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter of Nurse with Wound. Published in July 2007 as part of the Schiphorst Avant Garde Festiva. C' est com.....com...., the second record of these seasons was published in February 2009 on the Bureau Blab.

Jean-Hervé Péron and Zappi W. Dramaier and UK based Geraldine Swayne and James Johnston made a new Faust recording session, Something Dirty. 2. 2010 Faust published with the members Hans Joachim Irmler, Steven Wray Lobdell, Lars Paukstat, Michael Stoll and Jan Fride a new Studioalbum, Faust Is Last.

Diermaier, Péron and Wüsthoff performed in the Wümmer years on the first two records of Slapp Happy, Soort Of ( "1972") and Acnalbasac Noom ("1973"), also made by Uwe Nettelbeck. Happy's Peter Blegvad performed with Faust in Wümme and went on tour with them in England. Unlike Slapp Happy's song-based work, Diermaier, Péron and Sosna also worked with fiddler Tony Conrad on Outside the Dream Syndicate in 1972; the album appeared in the UK in 1973 at a low cost and was one of the few available samples of drone-based minimumism at the age.

In the fall of 2005, a webcast of a 1995 show called Outside the Dream Syndicate Alive with Tony Conrad, Zappi Diermaier & Jean-Hervé Péron by Faust and Jim O'Rourke was out. In 2004 Faust worked with the New Jersey avant-garde hip-hop team Dälek on the Derbe Respect, Alder record.

Together with Thme and Zsolt Sores, Jean-Hervé Péron worked on an MLP entitled'Poison Is (Not) The Word', which was published on the Lumberton Trading Company in 2012, and in 2013 Faust recorded'Live at Clouds Hill' with Omar Rodríguez-López. Faust: Silent / The Sausage Pages, 2006. The Wikimedia Commons has a connection to Faust.

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