American Samoa International Airport

Samoa-American International Airport

As you are in American Samoa, why not fly out from Pago Pago Intl. If you travel from South Africa to American Samoa, a stay at airports in American Samoa is an inevitable part of the trip. Airport-International in the village Tafuna, in American Samoa. Pago Pago International Airport (PPG / NSTU) is the nearest major airport to Pago Pago, American Samoa. At Pago Pago International Airport the climate is hot, oppressive, windy and overcast.

Airport Pago Pago Tafuna International Profile

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Pago Pago NSTU International Airport

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The Pago Pago International Airport is a 700 hectare large open airport belonging to and run by the Department of Port Administration (DPA) of the Government of American Samoa. It is one of three airport run by DPA. Others are smaller general airfields in Ofu and Fitiuta. The PPG is the most important American Samoa airport.

New Oshkosh® Striker 4×4 has Oshkosh® TAK-4 all-wheel drive for the highest riding experience. Education is an important factor in the constantly evolving ARFF's risk, threat and danger. The' ARFF Hot Fireraining Facility' at PPG was established for the education of all airport fire fighters on the South Pacific isles.

This ultra-modern system in conjunction with the Oshkosh Striker enables the flight attendant to provide training for all airplane and structure emergency situations. Oshkosh Striker® maximises its power like no other, with more fire prevention, controls, safety as well as flexibility. It is an honour that Pago Pago International Airport has opted for Oshkosh Striker to further secure the most important American Samoa airport.

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