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Samoan Central Bank, English version. The National Bank of Samoa Limited shareholders are required by BSP to purchase their shares. Apia, Samoa Homepage:

with email: NATIONAL BANK OF SAMOA LIMITED Bank's unique, fast (bic) code NBSLWSWS and details needed for bank transfers. Samoa Central Bank (CBS).

The National Bank of Samoa and Digicel partners are offering bank transfer related benefits | American Samoa

Apia, SAMOA - National Bank of Samoa (NBS) and Digital Samoa are proud to announce a partnering agreement to create the next level of affordable and simple Samoan bank and wire transfers for Samoan people. Digitalel will work with NBS to incorporate its mobility payment platforms into NBS bank system. In this way, recipients can deposit the funds they receive from their families and acquaintances from their Digital Phone wallets into their NBS bank acco.

Financed by the United Nations Pacific Financials Inclusion Programme (PFIP), the new electronic finance programme is aimed at improving the acceptance and use of finance in Samoa, where only half of the mature populace is inundated. Approximately 15% are expected to use official finance as well. More than half of Samoa's people, however, regularly receives bank transfers.

With the help of an Innovation Lab pilot, the team will explore and test the vitality of this mobile money merchants market. It will help to identify the right mix of product, pricing, customer experiences, merchandising and commitment to use and form the elements of a winning value for money business models.

For a 18-month timeframe, the Innovation Lab will be developing bank payments related product such as pre-paid electricity, airline recharges and payments for public sector service, which over the course of the years could enhance the acceptance and use of Samoa's online market. "In line with NBS' commitment to supporting our clients in the field, this will help Samoans raise funds from their families abroad directly to their bank account via the Digicel Mobile Currency Platform.

Soon, clients will have full hands-free financial management and easy to use. Being a Samoan bank, NBS recognizes the challenge our clients face in accessing bank transfers and our commitment to providing electronic banking solutions that make it easier for them to make transfers, our clients are deserving of the best," said Tu'u'u'u'u Amaramo Sialaoa, CEO of NBS.

PFIP's Program Manager, Bram Peters, said that the new facility not only provides Digicel clients with a bankroll but also motivates them to conserve and use the NBS customer's access to electronic media to enhance their economic life. "It is the most cost-effective way to get through to people living in the countryside and non-bankers.

We believe that this new feature has the capacity to reach 10,000 new clients and could be introduced nationally over the course of times, which will facilitate Samoan people' s accessing Samoan finance services," he added. PFIP's work in Samoa was financed by the New Zealand government.

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