How many Islands in Vanuatu

Like many islands in Vanuatu

Many fantastic experiences to discover. It is Vanuatu's second largest island, also known as Santo Island. From time to time there may be power outages and water shortages. Vanuatu's islands are'out' in many ways. A lot of them died out, but the John Frum cult on Tanna is still great.

Vanuatu travel guide - activities

Vanuatu has something for everyone: fun and relaxation in Vanuatu. Located less than four hrs from the eastern Australian coastline and with connections directly from Sydney and Brisbane, this islands of 83 islands in the Melanese Islands is the ideal vacation area. The blue est islands that surround the ocean and consist of lava rocks, you can look forward to subtropical hot weather, breathtaking landscapes, a lot of cultural and historical experience.

There' s so much to do on so many islands. Alternatively, you can simply drive to Efate, the capital for a' flying and flop' vacation. Vanuatu is the most famous and beloved of the islands, Efate is ideal for the "fly and flop" getaway, with resort accommodation for all budgets and many entertaining pursuits.

Mele Cascades are ideal for a swim at Port Vila on the Efate isle. Further ?orbing, zipling, buggy riding and horse riding. Port-Vila is also home to more than 40 restuarants, with sea food, Santo meat, native coffees and champagnes, all part of the food on Efate.

This is a 50 minutes fly from Port Vila to Espiritu Santo, where you can discover beautiful whitish sand shores, great scuba and amazing indigenous cultures. Accommodations in Santo vary from basic dives, shop resort to privately owned islands resort. Santo's renowned champagne sand and crystalline water have untouched sand and are the real picture postcards that make us think of a South Pacific bath.

Espiritu Santo is home to the shipwreck of SS President Coolidge, the biggest shipwreck dives in the wilderness. Famed for Mount Yasur, the world's most exposed and open to the public, Tanna is a 35-minute drive from Port Vila and provides a variety of adventures and culture for the visitor. Most of the services go to the main city, Port Vila, and there are also scheduled services from Brisbane to Espiritu Santo.

Vanuatu's present harbors of arrival are Bauerfield Airport on Efate and Pekoa on Espiritu Santo. It is 10 min from the island's urban centers, Port Vila and Luganville. Authorized clients can enjoy a relaxing holiday before their next trip in the classy lounge available before take-off.

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