What's the Biggest Ocean in the World

What is the largest ocean in the world?

Most of them are divided by the seven continents of the world. The water world of the ocean is a frightening and amazing place in the plant with frightening sea monsters like the blue whale, killer whale and great white shark. Picture: about The One World Collective. Most oceans in the Pacific are as big as the other four oceans combined. Antarctica orbits the globe and surrounds the southern continent of Antarctica.

What is the best ocean in the world? Reasonable and evidence-based rankings

Which is the best ocean on the planet" would have been a minor issue a few years ago. It' simple enough to find the largest ocean in the world (the Pacific) or the hottest (the Indian) or for the Piccadilly line (the Atlantic if you don't go to Heathrow).

That' because it's 2016, Facebook is one thing, and a large part of the world's people now have universal accessibility to a unique place where they can view pictures of cats, exchange meme and evaluate large cats. So here are the five seas, arranged in objective order from the poorest to the best according to their Facebook results.

This is not one strike, but two against the Indian Ocean. While the Arctic Ocean is the smallest and flattest of the five biggest seas in the world, it has not prevented it from finding enthusiasts. It is the Pacific Ocean, the biggest and most popular of the world's seas. Putting the Pacific into second place is his old competitor, the Atlantic.

While the latter may be smaller, it is also 0.1 star better for Facebook to use. Aka Antarctica, the Southern Ocean is considered the world' s coolest. However, this has not slowed down the rating and is currently at the top of the chart with 4.8-star.

But where exactly the ocean ends is controversial: Is the Southern Ocean going to keep its crest? With only 18 evaluations it has reached its high evaluation - far less than the 121 for the Atlantic, 406 for the Indians and 828 for the Pacific. Atlantik enthusiasts - you know what to do.

What is the largest ocean?

The ocean (from the Greek ???????, trans. Okean├│s, the ocean of classic antic times, is a salty waters that make up a large part of the planetary fluid. With an area of 165,250,000 km2 (63,800,000 sq. miles), this biggest partition of the world's oceans - and thus the sphere - occupies about 46% of the earth's aquatic area and about a third of its overall area and is thus greater than the earth's entire area.

It is subdivided by the North Pacific and the South Pacific, with two exceptions: the Galápagos and Gilbert Islands, which extend across the equator, are considered to be completely within the South Pacific. Mariana Trench in the west North Pacific is the lowest point in the world and reaches a total of 10,911 metres (35,797 feet).

The centre of the water hemisphere as well as the west hemisphere are located in the Pacific Ocean.

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