Fiji Getaway

The Fiji Excursion

Getaway Rentals - Travel with style, safety and comfort. The Fiji Getaway is a beautiful glittering nail colour reminiscent of unforgettable tropical destinations. There are no other options for those of you who are still confused where to stay in Fiji. As the ultimate destination to relax, unwind and recharge your batteries, it is the best place for the whole family. Get the most out of your stay in Fiji with this affordable Sofitel Fiji package.

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Surfing Excursions - Surfing Excursions Byron Bay

We specialize in women's windsurfing vacations and tailor-made windsurfing and active vacations for single persons, groups and family. For singles or groups of like-minded women looking for the ultimate windsurfing vacation, our women's surfer goways are for you. Select from our Byron Bay or Fiji package where you will have an incomparable windsurfing vacation with the best women instructors and tutors in the industry.

No matter if you have little or no windsurfing expertise or are an experienced enthusiastic, our personalized coaches, run by Jenny Boggis and Serena Adams, will significantly enhance your browsing and your trust in the waters. For the first riffbreaks I wonder if my windsurfing skills are good enough.

Both of you reassure me with my worries about windsurfing on the riff and I was able to capture some great ripples. Serena & Jenny had great ripples for all skill level and fantastic Serena & Jenny windsurf coach & sponsors. Cristal clear waters, the fantastic sunrises to our Surfbreaks, the nice, wholesome meal and the everyday YYoga were some of the highpoints.

She and Serena provided astounding assistance and it was unbelievable to see each participant's self-esteem and ability improving over the course of the group. It was a little over a year ago that I began to surf and this journey has transformed my world. Carefully designed by these great trainers, I felt helped in everything I tried, was kept secure, while I got the chance to practise, many new hints and lessons in unfilled, flawless states!

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