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Aipolu Airport

The Upolu Airport is a regional airport of the state of Hawai'i in the district of Hawai'i. The Upolu Airport, Small General Aviation Airport, three miles northwest of Hawi and directly on the coast. Airport Upolu (Hawi, HI)[PHUP]. Accommodation near Upolu Airport, Hawi by taking advantage of our hotel deals. Here you will find directions, reviews and information about Upolu Airport in Kailua-Kona, HI.

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The Upolu Airport (IATA: UPP, ICAO: PHUP, FAA LID: UPP) is a Hawai'i State Airport in Hawai'i County. Upolu Airport is situated at the north tip of the Great Island and is 3 NM (5.6 km) northwest[1] of the non-incorporated city of Hawi. Upolu Airport, as an airport for general air traffic, has a unique take-off and landing strip without runways and two airplane storage areas just south of the take-off and landing strip.

Park-area Ost provides support for the operation of passengers terminals and Park-area Wests offers connection possibilities for general airplanes. There is no checkpoint, aeroplane emergency and fire-fighting equipment or discreet aerial freight equipment at the airport. The airport is accessible via a lane on the Akoni Pule Highway.

The Hawaiian government has made provisional provision for the construction of a dual tarmac further down the take-off and landing strip and the relocation of the current terminals further away from the take-off and landing strip to create more space and extra airspace. The Upolu Airport is part of a centralised state owned infrastructure that regulates all Hawaiian ports and airporte.

Upolu Airport's formal authorities are the Governor of Hawaii. He/she will appoint the Director of the Hawaii State Department of Transportation, who is responsible for the Hawaii Airport Administrator. Hawaii Airport Administrator monitors six bodies: Airport Operations Office, Airports Planning Office, Airports Planning Office, Engineering Branch, Information Technology Office, Staff Services Office, Visitor Information Program Office.

Together, the six governing organs have jurisdiction over the four airport areas in Hawai'i: Hawai'i District, Kaua'i District, Mau'i District and the most important O'ahu District. The Upolu Airport is a subsidiary of the Hawai'i District. Ressources for this airport:


TELEPHONE WAIMEA-KOHALA 808-887-8126. PPPR FM ARPT MGR PHONE (808)327-9520 FOR THE TRANSPORT OF 1.1, EXPLOSIVE MATERIAL TO OR FROM THE AIRPORT. OCCASIONAL SWARMS OF BIRD ON AND IN THE ARPTEN. PARACHUTING NUDES ON AND IN ARPT. The instrumentation procedure is not available at all. A few near to the airport with instrumentation:

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