What does the International date line do

How is the International Date Line?

Which is IDL, why do we need it and who invented it? I' m thinking of the lyrics to this classic Chicago song: When crossing the date line to the east, subtract one day; when moving west, add one day. Are airplanes ever flying east over the International Date Line or not? What effect does crossing the International Date Line have on what was last seen in WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.


marks the International Date Line

As a result, the western traveller would reset his watch 1 hour per 15°, resulting in a 12-hour wastage. This seeming contradiction is solved by the fact that the traveller who crosses the International Date Line has to alter his date in order to bring the travellers into line at their meeting.

This international dateline does not track the 180 degrees along its whole course, but turns east around the east tip of Siberia, west around the Aleuts and back east around various archipelagos in the South Pacific (mostly extreme around Kiribati), to prevent a date shift within isolated countries and regions or between important trading allies.

Can you tell me what happens if I exceed the International Date Line?

It' just the watches that move forward with every timezone. Conversely, westward flight is not a trip back in history. However, where things get confused is when travelers cross the International Date Line, which extends along 180 of the meridian, mostly over the Pacific Ocean.

Passengers traveling eastwards win a whole full working days and not only have to reset the date and thus the clock. Finally, every westerner has pushed his clock forward by one minute for each timezone and has to get those lessons back after crossing the doors.

Travelers travelling west must bring forward their data by one full working minute for each timezone. Think of two travelers who start at 0 of meridians or the so-called zero-meridian that runs through Greenwich in the UK. You are travelling in opposite direction, one to the east and the other to the west and simultaneously reach the line of 180? length in the middle Pacific.

This means that one must move the date forward by one date and the other back. While the exact location of the International Date Line is random, it was comfortable to have it in the midst of the Pacific, where few peoples are.

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