5 Largest Oceans

Top 5 oceans

Which are the 5 Oceans? With 63,784,077 square miles (165,200,000 km²), the Pacific is the largest of these oceans. Its closest ocean is the Atlantic Ocean with an area of 41,081,270 square miles (106,400,000 km²). About 71% of the Earth's surface is covered by the ocean and the Earth has 5 Oceanic Divisions, each listed by Largest. With an area of about 59 million square miles and more than half of the free water on Earth, the Pacific is by far the largest ocean basin in the world.

Biggest oceans in the worid

Oceans are the networked system of the Earth's oceanic waters. At about 71% of the earth's total area, it has a storage capacity of 1.332 billion cc. Oceans The oceans are subdivided into different oceanographical characteristics: Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Southern Ocean. The Pacific Ocean is the largest of the oceans by area, and it comprises approximately 165 million km2, 46% of the Earth's total area.

It mentions the 5 largest oceans on earth on the basis of the world's water surfaces. It is the largest divide of the oceanic world (divided into the North and South Pacific), the Pacific covers over a third of the earth's total area, covers about 165 million km2, the Pacific Ocean has a total area of about 622 million m3 km, the lowest point of the earth is the Mariana Trench on the Pacific and the mean ocean deep is 4,028 to 4,188m.

It is the second largest oceans covering an area of 106 million km2, covering 20% of the earth's land and 26% of the earth's land area. The Atlantic is usually divided into the North and South Atlantic. Its entire volume of sea waters is around 354 million cc and the Atlantic's mean sea level is around 3,339 metres.

It is the third largest oceans on earth covering almost 73 million sq km of the earth's surface (including the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf) and the oceans have an approximate overall size of 292 million cc. Its mean sea level is 3,890 metres, and the lowest point of the Indian Sea is Diamantina Trench at a deep of 8,047 metres.

With a surface area of 18.8 million sq. km, the Southern Ocean or Antarctic Ocean is the fourth largest ocean in the world. It has an mean ocean bottom of 4,000 to 5,000 metres and the deepest point in the southern sandwich trench at a deep of 7,236 metres. Situated at the North Pole, this ocean is the smallest of the five oceanic divisions and is ice-capped throughout the year.

Covering an area of about 14 million km2, the Arctic Sea has a shoreline of about 45,390 km2. Sea mean is 1,038 metres deep and the lowest point is 5,450 metres in the Eurasian Basin.

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