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Are you looking for your next cruise holiday? Soutpacific Cruise Offers, Best Cruise Holiday Packages Enjoy the final trip, a trip of romanticism and exploration that will allow you to discover several islands and South Pacific civilizations, unpacking just once. An Fiji Island trip can be informal and private or part of a bigger local cruising on a bigger boat. Tahitian Islands cruising choices include seven nights of cruising through the Society Islands to pamper adventure in the Marquesas.

Cruises Asia & South Pacific with Fiji, Vanuatu and the Cook Islands

Drive through subtropical Asia, where it seems as though the clock has stopped. Enjoy the indigenous lifestyle along the riverbank, exploring the beautiful Angkor Wat. You can also enjoy the splendour of the Yangtze or Kyoto's Kyoto temples on a boattrip. Drive a touc touk touc or trishaw to discover the locals' market with the freshest products or hike through the mall.

That' s the thing about crossing in Asia - you can do as little or as much as you want. South Pacific is breath-taking and relaxed - the hidden gem for any big vacation. Embark on a South Pacific Island tour and you are sure to find a tropic heaven with pristine sand dunes, gorgeous blues and spectacular sundowns.

Between Fiji and Vanuatu, the Cook Islands and beyond, the people of the islands will make you think you are like a whole host of families sharing their people. Draw your own breath with a variety of aquatic activities, diving under the sea on corals and wrecks, snorkelling in hot sea, taking a helicopter ride to get into the landscape or booking a leisurely trip on the isle.

Once the days are over, have a delicious meal with a delicious exotic drink at a local festival boiled in the stove as the rising sundown. Many thanks to the Croise-Gallery for organizing our last riverboat trip on the Irrawaddy River in Myanmarr. Meridian Travel, an award-winning luxury travel shop located in Melbourne, is a specialized luxury travel group.

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