Where to Stay in Maui for Honeymoon

Accommodation in Maui for honeymoon

A Destination Residence, Wailea Ekolu Village. The Keanae Peninsula off the road to Hana. An isolated, water-fed swimming hole off the road to Hana. A" dinner time" sunset from the restaurant Humuhumunukunukunukuapua'a. In September we will spend our honeymoon in Maui.

A Hawaii honeymoon: Maui Guide

Only 24hrs after the wedding, my man and I flew to Maui to begin our honeymoon. These are some of our Maui honeymoon highlights: We' re sharing our honeymoon between the Four Seasons and The Fairmont Kea Lani - both great honeymoon opportunities. Not for nothing is the Four Seasons Maui repeatedly described as one of the best hotel in the atlantic.

Most of our stay on the site was near the Serenity Swimmingpool with a view of Lana'i and the West Maui area. In Fairmont Kea Lani we love the room and private sphere that our own tropic mansion provided, especially our own diving pad.

Maui' is a great place for beginners..... even for those who still learn how to get up without getting extinguished. Both of our favourite restaurants in Maui were Mama's Fish House and Ko. My sis gave us a voucher for our marriage to Mama's Fish House and we made our way back from Hana.

Concerning Ko at the Fairmont, our food was really unforgettable! Begin with the ahi-thuna, which you fry on a rocks of rocks and end with the pinapple pie of the green.

Planning Your Honeymoon In Hawaii

Hawaii is number one on the top honeymoon destination lists year after year for so many reason. On the one hand it is really nice to be outside, in the tourist Waikiki. Delicious Pacific freshness mahi-mahi and opaque kapaka decorated with macadamias from Hawaii.

Maui-ons are as cute as possible. It' also simple to find your way once you are there. Don't think about staying long in Waikiki; it's too busy, too city. Making it relatively simple to explore the islands, it even provides inter-Icelandic airline hotels for hire. 4 or 3 nights on one of the islands could be the ideal amount (if you can't stay a whole life.... which you will consider).

Definitively are planning to hire a vehicle and go on a voyage of discovery. However, it is likely that you will come across a scene of exceptional natural beauties where you will be forced to stop and just be amazed at how astonishing it can be when all its parts are in total serenity.

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