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Bunkers Backpackers, Stewart Island on TripAdvisor: The construction of a new environmentally friendly hostel on Stewart Island is scheduled to begin next year. Explore the best hotels in Stewart Island (Rakiura), including Bunkers Backpackers, Bay Motel, Stewart Island Backpackers. Old-fashioned house with warm, personal service, surrounded by good music and books. Schoenefeld, Oban, New Zealand.

barbecue hostel - Bunker Backpackers in Stewart Island

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The most southerly point of New Zealand, Stewart Island, or Rakiura for the locals. From Bluff, you can take the Foveaux Road boat to get here (it will take about an hour); it stops at Half Moon Bay, where most of Stewart Island's shelters are. It is a spectacular lycee rich in game.

They can hunt kiwis to see the icons, unable to fly, New Zealand birds; they are plentiful on the island, but mostly active at night and far from people. You can hike on your own or, if you like, there are a number of routes around Stewart Island.

Charters are available around the island, some of which provide angling as an optional extra. If you are interested in the island's legacy and past, a visit to the Maori museums to find out more about the Maori way of life and the missionaries' early population. Then, of course, you can just sit back and relax and enjoy the tranquillity and tranquillity of Stewart Island.

There are several types of accommodation on Stewart Island to suit your needs. There are only a few caf├ęs and bars on the island.

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