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Backpackers and cheap accommodation in Fiji. The great thing is that Fiji recognizes backpackers as an industry. The Coral Coast is a popular destination in Fiji between Nadi and Suva. It' a fun and relaxed place to spend some time. Backpackers, Nadi, Fiji Islands, Nadi (Fiyi).

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Get on your air-conditioned bus and take the Queen's Hwy towards Nakabuta Pottery Village. It is Fiji's leading portal for fishing, snorkelling and touring. Our guest have the opportunity to see some of the world' s hotest wildlife in..... The Nautilus Adventure Tours has more than 10 years of expert guide and off-road driver work.

We offer you an unforgettable crossing countryside tour with an unforgettable Fiji adventure, because we show you the core of..... Teaching to prepare the "Fijian way", our students are shown the arts of preparing typical dishes while having a good time, learn the typical dishes of the area and enjoy a particular and unforgettable.....

Cruise aboard our legendary sailing boat, the Ra Marama or Spirit of the Pacific, to the magic Isle of Tivua - an alluvium, encircled by a circular stretch of sand and 500 hectares of seaweed. The picturesque Navala town lies on the bank of the Ba in front of the breathtaking scenery of the Ba-Hochlands.

An excursion to this nice town is a return journey..... Acqua Tours Fiji Privat Cruises from Port Denarau. Upon your arriving in Port Denarau we will meet you at the port to explore the Fiji cultur. In Nadi's heart country, through the wonderful Sabeto valley to the garden of the sleeping giant, which houses Fiji's biggest and most diverse Fiji collecting of orchids.

Afterwards to the village Viseisei, the..... Fiji's only self-driving guide is Terratrek, which crosses the Pacific Harbour area. Founded in 2007, IVHQ has since become the world's premier voluntary organization that provides accessible, secure and accountable voluntary programmes in Fiji and over 35 countries.....

Snorkeling trips - For our visitors who have an unsatiable love of the ocean, we provide snorkeling trips that will amaze you with our lovely marine life..... We drive from our privately owned Tivua to Makogai in the Lomaiviti group.

We' re a diving company on Kadavu Island. Totoka offers diving classes and guided diving and also supports many of the Kadavu Island resort with their diving needs, teaching and assistance..... Just over a hundred years ago, canoe navies ruled the Pacific, and the largest of them was the Fiji desert land of Daur.

The New Wave Bridal Fiji is specialized in make-up for weddings, receptions and hairpins. On your particular date you can be sure that you will do your best and that your Fiji..... Treat yourself to the full glory of the Fiji glory with a personal Hidden Gem Fiji crew.

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