Latitude of Stewart Island

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The longitude, latitude and GPS coordinates of Stewart Island can be determined easily and free of charge! stemWARTER ISLAND, NEWZELAND Latitude:-46Â 57' 29.0495" Longitude:167Â 48' 28.2355" Latitude:S 46Â 57.4842' Longitude:E 167Â 48.

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47ºS, the northwest route on Rakiura

Rakiura - Stewart Island is situated above the famous Foveaux Strait, just South of the southern island of New Zealand. Stewart Island is home to one of the first villages in the story of M?ori with currently only 380 inhabitants and offers one of the best hikes in New Zealand, the "North West Circuit".

The hike is not as well-liked as other hikes in New Zealand, probably the best. It is really a haven and one of my favorite places. If we had to do it again, we would probably swap the last cabin (north arm) at the freshwater cabin.

As the North Arm is part of the 3-day Great walk, a lot of crowds, noises, children, etc. await you. This is not the best atmosphere you could have expected after a whole weeks in the outback!

Deep down in New Zealand::: Stewart Island

but there' s a third one: Stewart Island. Stewart Island, also known as Rakiura in Maori, lies calmly under the southern island over the Foveaux Strait. That means "Glowing Skies", a hint to the island's wonderful hot summer dusk and the southern lights of the island, which can sometimes be seen on this latitude.

It' the third biggest island in New Zealand with a surface area of 2000 km2 and the Rakiura National Park takes an unbelievable 85%. In spite of its large populations of less than 400 indigenous people and only 25 km of road, and although it is deeply vegetated in the extreme southernmost part of New Zealand, the sea around it has a very gentle atmosphere.

With so much room, so few humans and moderate climate, Stewart Island has been conserved as an almost unspoilt wildlife with indigenous wildlife.

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