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The Kahului People' s Republic of China (CDP) is a place of worship on the Isle of Maui in the US state of Hawaii. Here are the major airports of Maui (Kahului Airport), the seaport, lightweight industry areas and malls. The Kahului is part of the Kahului-Wailuku-Lahaina Metropolitan Statistical Area, which encompasses the near Wailuku and the city and former fishing community of Lahaina.

Kahului, the Maui Resident Shopping Centre, has several shopping centres and large shops (including the Queen Kaahumanu Centre shopping malls); other important groups of shops are in L?hain? such as the Lahaina Cannery Mall, the Happy Valley area of Wailuku, Maui Market Place and Maui Mall, both also in Kahului; and The Shops in Wailea in Wailea.

In general, Kahului is not a traveler' s paradise. There is the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum, Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary, Kanaha Beach County Park and Maui Arts and Cultural Center. Three sq. km (42 km2), including 15. Two sq. km (39 km2) of property and 1. Two sq. km (3. 1 km2) of ashore.

The city of Kahului is situated directly next to Wailuku in the western part of the city and Spreckelsville in the north. up to 7 persons per sq. m. (513.1/km²). Nine per sq. m. (154.8/km²). In the CDP, the average earnings per capita for a budget were $46,656 and the average earnings per capita for a single host family was $52,610.

Men had an average salary of $30,659 compared to $26,282 for women. CDP' per capita earnings were $18,049. Kahului's official education institutions are Maui High School, Maui Waena Intermediate School, Kahului Elementary School, Lihikai Elementary School and Pomaika'i Elementary School. Wiki voyage has a guidebook for Kahului.

Map of Kahului Maui and Hawaii Information

It is also home to our Kahului Harbour. Large cruisers often stop here over night and the harbour is a buzzing of containerships and surfs. There are several small shopping centres near the harbour and the airport: Maui Marketplace, Maui Mall and Ka'ahumanu Mall. In front of the Sugarcane, the Kahului origin was largely unpopulated.

Later on, in Kahului, in the 1880s, Maui's first railway took raw material to the port. One city grew up around the Sugarcaneindustrie and in 1900 a blight eradicated the whole city. Today's Kahului was the outcome of a joint project of the Alexander & Baldwin sugar company in 1948.

Today's busy Kahului is the centre of Maui. Crawling houses, flats, stores and municipalities point the countryside and make Kahului the best place to get affordable flats, offices and a place to set up a company because almost everything is close by. There is a weekly ferry stop and travellers go to Kahului to shop and rent a car to discover the city.

A few side streets between Kahului International and the port are some interesting secluded sands. Airportbeach and Kanaha Beach Park amuse windsurfer, paddleboarder and kitesurfer in this often-windy area. During a short time in May and June, many visitors will be amazed to know that you can see the sun set from these Kahului sands.

You can be sure that Kahului has all the characteristics of a developing cityscape. It has a great mixture of neighborhood, shops, tourist and trade. Lately a new lodging has been constructed near the Aiport and Costco is growing. They are planning a new shopping centre and a target department outlet in the near term and are digging up an area for a coach storage near the factory.

Most of Kahului could be missing if you are here on holiday, but it is almost certain that you will be leaving Kahului and wonder if you may have been missing something while driving to the beach.

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