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The Great Barrier Holidays

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Holidays 2018/19 Great Barrier Reef

Out of all the things you can do on a journey to Australia, the exploration of the Great Barrier Reef, a part of the Natural Heritage Site, is without a doubt one of the most thrilling. Great Barrier reef is the biggest and most stunning dive site in the game. You have many different possibilities to discover the area.

There are many diving centres that offer day to day excursions from Cairns and Port Douglas. Glassbottom canoes are also a good way to see the coral wall, especially for those who like to keep their legs on firm bottom. If you want something really unique, you can take a sightseeing trip over the coral to see this unique bird's view of the area.

For those who would rather get some exercise, we suggest you fly to Cairns and explore the tropical north shore on your own. No matter what kind of riff adventures you are looking for, there is bound to be a Great Barrier Reef vacation to fit you. If you want to take a cruise to the Great Barrier Reef in the tropical north of Queensland, I would suggest you do it on your first full days, if the wheather is poor or there is a boating issue, you can do it another night without missin' it.

Have a look at all the guided trips and trips on your next Great Barrier Reef outing. Enjoy Sydney cityscape, see the Uluru's celebrated monument from the sky and sail the Great Barrier Reef on a cross. The New Year on the horizon shows you what top adventures in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific we are recommending for your (travel) pail lists.....

Visas: All Australian nationals (except New Zealand nationals) with a UK citizenship pass need an electronic travel agent (ETA) or eVisitor visas. The Traveler can arrange your visas at the moment of your reservation. When you are planing a vacation at the Great Barrier Reef, the best period outside the rainy seasons is to prevent the storm and monsoon.

The best view is between June and November, when the climate is warm and the temperature is still in your twenty. Colder climates and lower precipitation make this a great barrier reef spot, so you should reserve your cruise in anticipation.

Dependent on which part of the Great Barrier Reef you want to explore, the two major gates are Cairns or Whitsundays Airport (Hamilton Iceland, Proserpine Airport and Whitsunday Airport - both near Airlie Beach). Is it an isolated hoping cruise around the Whitsundays or a snorkelling or diving excursion to the barrier coral outback?

What will you see of the Great Barrier Reef? Since 1977 we have been designing tailor-made tours to Australasia. Do you need help organizing your perfect vacation in Australia, New Zealand or the South Pacific (yes, we also go there)? We have a widely traveled staff of more than 20 travel designers here to hear your vacation schedules, find the best offers and design an individual travelroute for you.

Complete your journey schedule with all your vacation tips and choices by selecting all the places you want to visit. A member of our staff will contact you to guide you through your route, and once you are 100% satisfied with your itineraries, just make your down payment and begin to get enthusiastic about your journey.

When you have a question before, during or after your vacation, we are always just a phone call away. Have a nice vacation!

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