Hibiscus Resort Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island Hibiscus Resort

Hibiscus Regal, Norfolk Island on TripAdvisor: Hibiscus Crown - Hibiscus Regal - Lavendula Garden Cottage - Norfolk Holiday Apartments - Norfolk Pines Group This is the most modern resort accommodation on Norfolk Island. More information about Hibiscus Aloha. The Ocean View Apartments are embedded in palm trees and hibiscus. The best resorts for adventure holidays.

Hibiscus Regal, Norfolk Island - A great place to spend the night. - Retrospection of Hibiscus Regal, Norfolk Island

So I went with my buddies to Norfolk on my first organized trip and the kind people from Hibiscus Regal were very useful. We' re so glad you found us very useful. It is important for us to hear that our guests had a restful vacation with everything they needed nearby.

We' re very proud of Hibiscus and look forward to seeing you again one of these days.

Norfolk Island Hibiscus Regal Apartments - Review of Aloha Apartments, Burnt Pine, Australia

The Hibiscus administers 4 or 5 plots of land on the island. The whole island is almost perfectly in fact - wonderful landscape everywhere, many windsurfing spots (but only 1 really child-friendly in Emily Bay), top class cuisine. The Hibiscus Regal has 8 rooms, 2 of them with a view of the street. When you don't get a ride, you' re staying at the Aloha.

Rodney, thank you for taking the liberty of writing this extensive and very useful comment. When I went to Norfolk and stayed at Hibiscus Regal, your report would give me more information that many agencies can do. Although TV and Wi-Fi in Hibiscus Apartments and on the island in general are restricted, it's probably because we are spending too much of our leisure hours savouring the lovely landscape and beach that you were kind enough to mention in the reviews :)

A pleasant sojourn - Review of Hibiscus Regal, Norfolk Island, Australia

This was like a journey back in history, where everyone had enough free space to explore a nice island. TripAdvisor (or one of its formal TripAdvisor partners ) uses TripAdvisor to promote and gather ratings, up to and including the rating of guests. The rating is the personal judgment of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Thanks for writing a report on your last trip to Hibiscus Regal. We' re glad you enjoy your stay with us. We' re agreed that Norfolk Island is a wonderful island.

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