Europa Island

isle of Europe

A world-class location near Europa Island. Add trips to Europe Island. Discover the different areas of the inflation island, see how people react to inflation and deflation and how the landscape is changing. Sat map of the island of Europe. Basas da India Wall Map - Europe Island Map - Glorioso Islands Wall Map.

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Europe Iceland (French: Île Europa) is a 28 square kilometer deep situated tropic tunnel in the Mozambique Channel, about one third of the way from South Madagascar to South Mozambique. Until 1820, when the Rosiers, a small village in France, had never been there. In 1897, the official ownership of the archipelago passed to France.

It is occupied by a department of Réunion, has a meteorological base and is frequented by researchers. Although not inhabited, it belongs to the "Scattered Islands" of the French Southern and Antarctic area. Europe Iceland was the scene of an episode of " The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau " from 1968,[1] which partially concentrated on the brooding customs of the emerald tortoise.

Europe has a 6 km wide coast, a max. height of 6 m and a 22.2 km shoreline. It' encircled by reefs and corals and encloses a 9 km2 mangroveslaguna, which is open to the ocean on one side.

It has an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of 127,300 km2, bordering that of Bassas da India. It is a protected area. BirdLife International has designated the area as an Important Bird Area (IBA) because it is home to a large and varied populations of avifauna.

This is the only known hatchery outside Aldabra and Madagascar for Malagasy heron. Sea birds are the second biggest frigate bird population in the Indian Ocean (up to 1100 pairs), Audubon's scissor waters (up to 100 couples, probably the Puffinus yherminieri baailloni sub-species, formerly regarded as native to the Mascarenes), dimorphous heron, and Malayan sothers.

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