The Condé Nast Traveller free travel guide provides information on places of interest, restaurants, accommodation and activities in Finland and Europe. Visit Finland and discover the remarkable natural beauty of this idyllic country, which offers a range of hidden treasures and a bustling capital. The Good News from Finland is a news service covering positive and globally interesting business, economic and innovation topics from Finland. It is officially the Republic of Finland, a sovereign state in Northern Europe. TINs are issued by Finland on official identification documents.


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Finnland Reisen | Excursions in Finland

Finland, strongly influenced by both its eastern neighbor, Russia, and its westerly neighbor, Sweden, continues to be one of the most mysterious European states. It is a nation best known for its laconical, hearty folk with a preference for relaxing in a natural saunas, for its peculiar yearly festivities and for the creation of these quaint, hippo-like fairy tale figures, the Moomins - its peculiarity is a good part of the charms of the state.

Finland's countryside is shallow and dotted with enormous woods and ponds, making the tragedy even worse on the way North. However, the southern part is still full of breathtaking seas. From the pulsating town of Tampere to the eastern borders of Russia, the wide waterways of the lake region offer a means of transportation for the wood processing industries - in fact, here there is more abundant supply of sea than there is of sea, as many cities lie on small burrs between the ponds.

From here to the northern part of Finland, the mountains and woods of Lapland are the most attractive territory and home of the Sami, the semi-nomadic deer herds. During a few long month the midsun on both sides of mid-summer is seen from large parts of the area; in winters the northern part of the land is covered in a dark sunbath.

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