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Finally my love has come. Last Song is a film with Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth and Greg Kinnear. There was nothing that prepared me for what the privilege of being yours would do. These are my top ten most popular Sleeping at Last songs, with an accompanying lyrics that I think best illustrates why the song is great. Receptionist nails'At Last' song over the intercom.

One of the most popular wedding tunes of all times.

Female vocalist Etta James passed away at the tender ages of 73 due to leukaemia related illness. Whilst the Grammy-award-winning vocalist and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honee had other hit like "I'd Rather Go Blind" and "Don't Tell Mama", James was known above all for her sensitive interpretation of "At Last" - one of the most popular marriage music of all times.

Though " At Last " was initially composed for the music movie "Orchestra Wives" by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren from 1942, James adopted the song in 1961 - she improvised over the tune and added her own jazzy singing alongside the powerless string players. Ever since, innumerable pairs have used their romance to make their Big Days unforgettable.

Grég Johnson, a blue movie maker and assistant lecturer at the University of Mississippi, says the song is a marriage because of the music. At Last " has been featured by a dozen performers, among them Beyonce, who performed the romance classics at President Barack Obama's opening dance in 2009 and caused a lot of commotion. Even if James is no longer with us, we are willing to wager that pairs will ask for "At Last" for years to come.

The one who sung the song: "At last"?

The At Last is a 1941 song by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren. Later it became Etta James' favourite song and first came out in 1961 on her début At Last. James' is generally the best known and often used. And Etta James has a song named At Last.

He starred Etta James in a film named Cadillac Records (2008) and made a good songover.

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And then one of these days the snows began to drop, and gradually, piece by piece, the ground became overcast. Until, at last, the top of the highest edifice, was missing under a pulverized ocean, as calm as a shady tomb. We say that the worid is not going to die. We' re praying that the whole worid doesn't die.

Maybe the whole wide oceans will not die. By the time I wanted to go back, I had already forgotten my way. She waved me to lay under the rock that always carried my name. Educated monkeys: igga-di igga-di igga-di igga-di igga-digga-dup.

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