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Civil air services began in June 1956, when North Japan Air (later Japan Domestic Airways, Toa Domestic Airways and Japan Air System) began operating flights to Memanbetsu. In 1966, all Nippon Airways began operating services to Okadama[4] These carriers were operating air services at the airfield until the mid-1970s, mainly with NAMC YS-11 turboprop aircraft.

In 1967, the airport's airstrip was lengthened from 1,000 to 1,500 meters, but most of the regular services left for New Chitose which was better prepared to serve major jetliners. In 1974, Toa closed down Okadama and ANA founded a new affiliate, Air Nippon, to operate YS-11 services at the city.

The ANA, which represented 80% of Okadama's total passengers, stopped operating Okadama in 2010 and left the JAL subsidiary Hokkaido Air System as the airport's only regular airline[5] The air base station (operated by a 26% Sapporo administration subsidiary ) was operating at a small margin until 2009, but the takeoff of ANA group flights led to a net loss,[6] continued to operate the air base with Saab 340 turboprop.

Effective use of Hokkaido airport

Hokkaido currently has 12 Hokkaido airport with frequent flight connections, but most of you may not know all 12 of them. If you are travelling in Hokkaido, you should consider going to different parts of the huge isle for a better time. 1?Okushiri in Douou1-1?New Chitose Airport1-2?Sapporo Okadama Airport2?Airports in Donan2-1?Hakodate Airport2-3?Okushiri Airport3?Airports in Dohoku3-1?Ashikawa Airport3-2?Wakkanai Airport3-

First to be imported are the Douou Hokkaido airfields. Douou has two airports: New Chitose and Okadama. The New Chitose and Okadama Airfields are the main ones in Hokkaido and Sapporo Cities. Hokkaido's New Chitose is Hokkaido's main international hub, 45km from Sapporo Capital and one of the main features of New Chitose is its large number of departures and the number of available routes.

Hokkaido's sky as the major airfield or as a place for transfers to other domestic routes, the airfield is used daily by innumerable travellers. New Chitose is the only LCC (low-cost airline) destination in Hokkaido, making it the ideal basis for travel.

The New Chitose has many souvenir stores and restaurants. In all, there are about 50 stores and restaurants in the area ('no duty-free' shops), making it a pleasant place to just eat and shop. JR?"New Chitose Airport" station is available in the subway.

You have to pass the next stop "Minami Chitose Station" when you drive into the area of Donan and Doto. You will also have to cross the Sapporo when you drive towards Asahikawa. In addition to those who go to Sapporo City, there are busses to Jozankei Onsen, Noboribetsu Onsen, Tomokamai, Muroran and Obihiro, as well as skibuses (available in winter) to the big skiing areas like Niseko, Tomamu and Furano.

The Sapporo Okadama is a small international airfield situated to the north-east of Sapporo Town. It is mainly used for commercial flights to three other airfields within Hokkaido and one outside of Hokkaido (Misawa). Sapporo Okadama Airport's advantage is its proximity to the centre of Sapporo. You can reach the international aerodrome by cab in 20 min. and by coach in 25 min.

Establishments within the aerodrome are easy. The next two are Donan International and Hokkaido South. The Hakodate International Hakodate is situated 8 km from Hakodate railway station to the south. It' also the basis for flights in Donan. Hakodate Airport's proximity to the centre of Hakodate is one of its main advantages.

Hakodate Station, Goryokaku and Yunokawa Onsen are 10 to 20 min drive from the international airports. Once you arrive at the Aiport you can begin your tour. Aircrafts flying to Okushiri International Airports only come from Hakodate International Airports. Several souvenir stores and restaurants are also located within the area.

Though there are not many indoor establishments, there are plenty of stores where you can buy a wide range of goods. Hakodate Tropical Greenhouse is known for its Monkey Onsen and is only 10 min from Hakodate International Hakodate International Airports. Okurishiri Aiport is an international aerodrome on the island of Okurishiri south-west of Hokkaido. This small airfield only has one plane per night.

The Ashikawa International Airfield is 15 km south-east of the centre of Ashikawa. ASHIKAWA Airport's advantage is its position. The town centre can be reached in 30 min. by road from the international airports. Situated near important touristic places like Furano and Biei.

In comparison to other Hokkaido airfields, Ashikawa has relatively few flight cancellations in bad conditions in cold time. We recommend Ashikawa International as a starting point for trips to favourite places such as Furano, Biei or to Doutou. The Wakkanai International is JapanĀ¹s most northerly Wakkanai International Terminal.

The number of visitors to Wakkanai International Wakkanai has varied according to the time of year. In Rishiri and Rebun Island, during the June-August tourism seasons, there is a great rush of visitors and single travellers to the airports, making it often inaccessible. We therefore recommend that people wishing to use Wakkanai International Wakkanai International Park in winter should book in advanced.

There are two stores and a local restuarant. The Rishiri International is a small international airfield in Fuji-cho, furthest northern of the Rishiri isle. The Rishiri International is only heavily frequented in summers. As the course links Rishiri and Okadama / New Chitose in only about an hours, it is very favourite with Rishiri and Rebun visitors who have little to spare.

At last it is the in Doutou. The Obihiro International Center is about 25 km from Obihiro station in the town of Obihiro in the center of Tokachi. The Obihiro International is a comfortable starting point for trips in Tokachi or the surrounding area of Doutou. Situated in the moderate Tokachi Plain, the international airports have relatively few cancelled services in cold weather.

The Kushiro International is situated in the centre of the Doutou area, especially about 20 km from the centre of Kushiro. The Kushiro International is an easy way to get to some of the most famous destinations in the Doutou area like Kushiro Bog, Lake Akan and Lake Mashu. Several souvenir stores and diners are within the area.

There are many places around the international airports where you can see a variety of kranes. The Memanbetsu International Airfield is in Oozora-cho in Abashiri. It is a basis for trips to Abashiri, Kitami, and for the visit of Shiretoko, a UNESCO cultural inheritance. Airports operate from Tokyo and Chubu. There are also several Kansai regional services during the year.

Outside the aerodrome is covered with alpine plox in early springs and sunflower bays infall. There' s also drift ivy, which can be seen near the airfield during the winters, making it a place where you can see a lot at any time of year. Several souvenir stores and canteens are also available for your comfort.

Nakashibetsu in the Consensus area, opposite the Nemuro Straits, Consensus area. Nemuro Nakashibetsu International Nemuro Nakashibetsu is the nearest airfield to Shiretoko[Utoro / Rausu] (with a restricted number of flights), in eastern Japan. It is also the starting point for trips to the region's beautiful scenery such as Lake Mashu and the Notsuke Peninsula.

"Kaiyo-dai " is about 15 minutes by car from the international airports. There are only two souvenir stores at the airports, so it is better to buy presents earlier. Monbetsu International Airports is situated in the town of Monbetsu, on the Okhotsk coastline just south of Hokkaido. Okohotsk Monbetsu has only one daily plane from Haneda International Airports.

Though there are not many airfares, it is still amazing that visitors can drive directly from Haneda to Monbetsu to see the particularly nice drift ices. There' s a souvenir store and a snacks area inside the airpor. Here we would like to show you two sample itineraries for a tour through Hokkaido with a clever transfer service.

Hakodate to Memanbetsu in about 2 h. Rishiri to Hakodate in about 3 hrs. In the mornings you can hike on the Rishiri Islands and do more and savour the nightscape in Hakodate! We' ve presented all of Hokkaido's operating airfields. For those who want to explore Hokkaido in a short period of the year, we would like to encourage you to make full use of our guides!

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