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Excursion packages for Kauai

The best you can do in Kauai. Catch dolphins, turtles, sea caves, waterfalls and snorkelling in the clear blue waters of Kauai. Accompany us on our Ultimate Beautiful Kauai Island Tour, which includes three of the most beautiful areas of Cauai, the East Coast, the North Coast and the Fern Grotto. One Day Kauai Hawaii Film Tour. Find out about top tours and attractions in Kauai.

Island Tours and Trips in Kauai

Accompany us on our Ultimate Beautiful Kauai Island Tour, which includes three of the most scenic areas of Cauai, the East Coast, the North Coast and the Fern Grotto. This exceptional excursion takes you to Kauai's scenic east coast with its distinctive staggering palms, gorgeous sandy shores and Heiau holy remains; in stark contrasts, the North Shore has rugged mountains, emerald taro fields and stunning vistas that include the historical Kilauea Lighthouse; and a riverboat trip up the Wailua to the Fern Grotto guarantees you an memorable experience on Kauai, Hawaii's Garden Island.

Ultrtimatetiful Kauai Iceland Tours offers three marvellous areas of Garden Island: Eastern coastline - coconut coast: In addition to your visit to the islands, our expert guide will tell you stories from Cauai's past. Kealia Beaches - This is a popular spot for surfing and bodyboarding. The ruins of PolĂ­ahu Heiau - called after the Hawaiian divine figure of art, this imposing building is regarded as a mystic and holy place.

Lydgate Park - is a wonderful sandy area with a sheltered bay with crags. You have a breathtaking view of the coast of Kauai from here. Hauola City of Refuge is a wonderful place by the sea, where the old Hauola City of Refuge was a haven and a haven for those who resisted the trespass.

Ride to Fern Grotto: Your Kauai trip will include a trip to the fern grotto. Unwind on our river ship and enjoy the wonderful landscape on the way to the Fern Grotto, a once limited area that could only be frequented by the royal family. Wailua River - The quiet Wailua River meanders through glittering falls and luxuriant jungles along the East Side of the Isle.

Fern Caves - The cave is a cave formed by nature with pendulous fern and lavaform. The area is of course chilled by the mist of a cascade that contributes to a wonderful park. The North Shore Highlights: Famed for its breathtaking scenery, Kauai's dramatically northern coast is distinguished by its imposing jagged peaks, luxuriant Tarofields, breathtaking shores and breathtaking ocean crags.

is a tranquil, sheltered sandy area on the northern shore of Kauai. The Hollywood film "Honeymoon in Vegas" * Kalihiwai Bay - a crescent-shaped bay with a breathtaking sandy beaches and bright shining Hwaiian water at the foot of two rocks - showed this ideal venue.

Kilauea Lightthouse - situated on the northernmost tip of Kauai, this light house lies on the rim of a huge rock with a pure drip on the sea. NaMolokama Falls - a range of wonderful falls on the Namolokama Hills, situated in the Hanalei area. You will end your trip in Nawiliwili.

As this is a high-end Kauai Island cruise with finite capacities, please make your reservations early to secure your places on this Ultimate beautifully Kauai Island itinerary!

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