Robinson Family Kauai

Family Robinson Kauai

Check here for Robinson Family Adventures Sugar Cane Plantation Tour prices. The Sinclair family, King Kamehameha IV, visited the island and decided to buy it. Ni'ihau photos from the Kauai Museum. The two limping Zeros passed south of Kauai's green slopes twenty minutes later. The Hawaiian family Robinson of Kauai.

Sugar cane plantation tours with Robinson Family Adventures

An historic trip Did you know that the Caribbean food and beverage industries were the basic foodstuff of the Hwaiian econo? When you want to see Kauai's last operative sugary farm, or if you are interested in the story of Hawaii, this is the right trip for you! You will see the Gay & Robinson candy factory and mill and see the whole production chain, from the cultivation and harvest of the pipe to the production of the candy!

Your guide will be members of a family of plantations so you can get an insight into the story of the Kauai flour growing world. You get a break to try a piece of a new stem of sugar and you get away with a present sack of candy!

Smith's Garden Luau, Spirit of Aloha, Kauai Island

Al-oha! More than 50 years ago, Grandpa founded our family company in this holy Wailua River Valley. For the Hawaiians, we made our tropic heaven to rejoice the spirit of Hawaii that he loves and lives in the city. Today, four generation of my family honour this with the most celebrated of Hawaii' festivals, the Lau.

Naturally, the Pa'ina is the soul of every Lueau and we make sure that you do not starve to death. Chala pork fried in a clay baking chamber. This is our family dish with pot (Grandma insisted that you try). We' ll even bring some of you on in order to try some of your tiki movements as supper calms down.

Eating may be the core of a suck, but it'?s the spirit. Hawaii' ancient people kept their story alive by handing down hymns and hymns under the name mle. In our Lau we are celebrating these customs as well as the singing and dancing of other civilizations living in our tropic heaven.

Hawaii' s lyric drive, the colourful accuracy of the colourful accuracy of the Samoan Fire Brigade Dancing and the passionate emotions of the Samoan Fire Brigade Dancing are deep voices for the Hawaiians who have called Hawaii their home. With pride we are sharing this rythm of al-oha with you. NOTICE: November to February, timetable begins 15min before.

from November to February: from November to February: 17:45 pm lu ceremony - Meet some of our family members and get to know the traditional way of preparing kaluas - where the kaluas are covered in ti-leaves and perfectly boiled in our earth-imu-ovens. from November to February: from November to February:

6:15 pm Luau Festival - The musical programme goes on while you savour typical flavours and favourite islands such as potatoe meat, bovine teriyaki, Adoban chickens and Sweet'n'sour-Mahimahi. Try our regional specialities such as loni-fish, home-made pasta, home-made home-made potatoes, home-made lettuce, and delicious tropic cakes! from November to February:

7:45pm Aloha Show rhythms - Move in sync with colourful, genuine shows from Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa, the Philippines, New Zealand, China and Japan in our roomy torch-lit "Pele Amphitheater" (complete with bursting volcano!). The doors open at 19:30 (November to February: 19:15) for those who only want to participate in the show.

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