The Forbidden Isle

Forbidden Island

No wonder, we call it "The Forbidden Island". Discover reviews, photos and menus and find the perfect place for every occasion. It bears various fragrant flowers and the official island'Flower' Ni'ihau s. Niihau is also known as The Forbidden Island is one of the Hawaiian islands northwest of Kauai. On this adventurous tour through Saipan you can explore the Forbidden Island and snorkel in the famous Blue Grotto.

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Ni'ihau is the smallest of the Hwaiian Isles, situated south-west of Kaua'i. It' is regarded as a'Forbidden Island' because it is the only inhabited islet in Hawaii that cannot be visited without a permit. King Kamehameha V, the then king of the Kingdom of Hawaii, resolved in 1864 to offer the land for purchase.

She was a Scotch lady who had just left for Hawaii a year earlier and purchased the Isle for $10,000. It is now in the Robinson family's possession for decades to come. Robinson is working to conserve Hawaii' cultural heritage by removing the influence of the outside worlds from the Isle. Main tongue is the Hawaiian one.

There are only about 170 of them on the whole isle. There are no food shops or restaurants on the isle. Most of the island's revenue comes from a navy facility on the soaring cliff. It collects and sells the renowned Ni'ihau mussels found on the isle, which generates extra revenue. You also use the chopper to provide trips for those who visit the islands of Hawaii.

Life on Ni'ihau is like a leap into the past. Ni'ihau lives the real Bawaiian civilization. It is a civilization that is still the same today as it was over 200 years ago.

Presentation of Niihau, the Forbidden Island

It is Hawaii's 7th biggest isle and is nearest to Kauai. Though Niihaus may sound a mystery, the fact that it is "forbidden" is not so fascinating: the islands are in private ownership, so their accessibility to the public is very limited. Niihau has a long tradition, a varied fauna and interesting tradition, so it is definitely a worthwhile place to take a look.

It was bought in 1864 by King Kamehameha V. from Elizabeth McHutchison Sinclair for $10,000 in cash. Their offspring, Bruce and Keith Robinson, still own the archipelago today. It is populated and rich in wild animals and about 130 indigenous Hawaiians. Hawaii is the main country on the islands (you guess it!).

There is a K-12 K-12 language institute for the kids on the islands, which concentrates on computer skills and "life in the country" as well as on tradition. Some Niihau citizens, however, decide to commmute to nearby Kauai to attend classes and for various reason, as well as health care and work.

One of the most important sources of livelihood on the islands is the U.S. Navy Base, which is situated on the islands for educational use. Also known for their Niihau Shelljewellery. Turism is the island's newest revenue stream. Until the 1980' it was only possible to see the islands if you were welcomed by a local.

A Niihau trip is an interesting way to get an insight into a truly original facet of our country's cultural heritage.

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