Maui City Center

City of Maui

Maui Central Maui is the industrial hub and workplace of Maui. Maui' s cities, from Hana to Wailea, offer fun for every traveller. One of Maui's larger cities. Mauis is the commercial and transportation center of the island, has two largest shopping centers, and the main airport and a deepwater port are located in Kahului. Journey to the west bank of Maui to find Kaanapali.

The Maui Cities: Short instructions

It is home to a multitude of beautiful places. Maui is an inviting place with a relaxed atmosphere, from picturesque coastal villages to old plantations and upmarket, masterly designed resort areas. Take advantage of our fast Maui city tour to find out where you want to go. Situated at the end of the highway to Hana, Hana is a haven for those who are looking for an unbuilt area in Hawaii.

in Hana: Haiku is situated on the northern side of Maui. There are other things you can do in Haiku: One of Maui's bigger towns, Kahului. Mauis is the trading and transport center of the archipelago, has two major shopping centers, and the major international airports and a deepwater harbor are in Kahului.

The Kahului following Kahului activity is enjoyed by local people and tourists: Journey to the west bank of Maui to find Kaanapali. As you explore one of the west Maui towns, you should take a look at these things: Deluxe is waiting for you in Kapalua, a city in the northwestern part of Maui. Untouched shores, high-end resort and world-class greens are some of Kapalua's highpoints.

Some of Kapalua's top occupations: Kihei is home to 6 leagues of sandy beach where holidaymakers can enjoy the full islandscape. Khihei is situated on the south-east shore of Maui. If you discover everything this city has to show, you should take a look at these activities: Lahaina, an old fishing harbour, is today a vibrant seaside tourism centre and one of Maui's most visited travel spots.

Walk Front Street, rummage around art stores, eat at a restaurant, see historical places and see some of the best sundowns on the Isle. Some of the popular activites in Lahaina are: Quiet water is guarded by an upstream coral cliff, which makes Napili attractive for the family. Situated on the northwestern bank of Maui, Napili is a seaside resort with wonderful coastal vistas, restaurants, shops and plenty of open-air activity.

During your stay in Napili, include these activites and goals in your itinerary: Covered with a light hippy vibes, Paia is also a great pits stop for Road to Hana trips. View these activity and locations as you travel through one of the top Maui cities: Wailea is an exclusive and luxury hotel with high-quality luxury hotels, shops, golf courts and restauant.

The Maui city is also the headquarters of the district administration. To complete the shortlist of Maui towns, please do not forget to check out these Wailuku destinations: Time for departure for Maui?

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