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Sully42Woman looking for Man 40 years oldSuva, Fijionline now! I am down-to-earth and I like to make good acquaintances and help others when they are in difficulties. Indulge in outdoor activity....... now on-line! Jackieywoman is looking for 23 year old ManSuva, Fijionline now! I am a fun and I am loving someone who are chatty and fun and who are uncomplicated..... today on line! fistowoman is looking for man 40 years old Suva, Fijionline today!

You will never repent to know me" is a very plain and down-to-earth people. I' m gonna really like you if you do this in exchange. I am a herbivorous, so I am...... today on line! Sanjina woman looking for 37 years old luteoka fiji, Fijionline today! I' m a fun-loving character who lives in charity, honesty, loyalty and comprehension.

I' m looking for a wedding and would like to get together with like-minded persons! Ages 32 - 40 years......... today on line! love_190frau is looking for Man25 years oldLautoka, Fijionline today! bule helo well i am sharpon chinese chicks i care talkative kind chick i came from a familys where my mum and dad are teaching me great assets as chinese chicks. i envy that meets folks who cook the most today!

Fijionline, Man looking for Anupamadeviwoman56 years oldSuva, Fijionline today! I' m a quiet and resourceful man and help those who can't help themselves...... today on line! shiftdwoman is looking for42 years vintagenadi fiji, fijionline today! Doing the best of my best, I like spending quality I can with those I like. I am an sincere, caring and caring character...... today on-line!

I am sick of spending my free playing with gamers so when u really looking for a real friend as sure you are writing to me..... today on line! rose_vwoman is looking for man31 years old today ohSuva, Fijionline! And I really appreciate sincerity and loyalty............ now!

Ã…shlahwoman looking for man aged 54Suva, Fijionline today! I am a very affectionate and thoughtful character with a good eye for humor. My favourite pastimes are boiling, books, music outdoors, walks on the beaches and travelling..... Lovin' me for who I am for who I am. I' a very uncomplicated man and I like to be with my mates.

It is my pleasure to undertake adventurous journeys. Oh, I like music. I' ve made up my mind that it was the right moment to continue in my lifetime...... now! Priyaaliwoman looking for Man 32 years oldSuva, Fijionline today! I' s sincere, affectionate and affectionate....... l like to cook.......... I like travelling..... Happiness, very real, I like and appreciate little things in my live, sympathetic about less happy folks around me, readiness to help others, hatred hypocrite, in essence you can say I am an optimist.....

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