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To visit Rangiroa and learn more about the best restaurants, our restaurant guide is right for every budget. Find the best food in Rangiroa with our guide to the restaurants in the area. Restaurant Rangiroa Island and restaurant guide: Rangiroa's secluded atmosphere seems to add a touch of romance to every entrance. The Rangiroa Tourism official site with information such as maps, holiday offers, hotels & resorts, diving, beaches, restaurants, the Rangiroa Atoll and more.

The best restaurants in Rangiroa | Frommer's

Non-guests are welcome at Les Relais de Josephine's Le Dolphin Gourmand Restaurante, where three-course menus are 4,100CFP (US$51/£26) per night. Externals are also welcome at the Hotel Kia Ora, the Novotel Rangiroa Lagoon Resort and the Raira Lagon canteens. After nightfall the locals settled at Tiputa Pass and in the Avatoru town, but the best is in the centre of the central part of the country near the Le Kai Kai restaut.

In Avatoru you will also find some cheap food-stalls. Please note: This information was correct at the time of publication but is subject to alteration without prior notification.

Island Rangiroa

Rangiroaâ??s remote ambience seems to bring a touch of romanticism to any entrée. Tai Roa Open-Air Te at Hotel Kia Ora serves twice aweek excellent food and drama Polynesia dancing and musical shows. Rangiroa Beach Resort's new Rangiroa Beach Resort serves traditional Polish dishes with foreign dishes served by local cooks.

Avatoru and Tiputa also have a few roulotte, snacks and small restaurants for families.

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Specific cuisines that are in Rangiroa and are nourished by the tropic suntan and the seas. Culinary delights with the unmistakable flavours of Franco-Polynese cooking. There is a beautiful mixture of Tahiti culture, and the food here is a joy. In Rangiroa we have a selection of delicacies that can only be savoured here, such as shellfish recipes with the freshest shellfish, Rangiroa honeys - the only Tahitian production of honeys - and Rangiroa wines made from bunches grown on Tahiti's Isola del Atollo.

In Rangiroa, you' ll be able to taste a wonderful mix of Tahiti and France food with indigenous catches and seasonings such as homemade nuts, fruit, vanilla and Rangiroa honeys. Taste Possion Cru, a delicious combination of limon and lemon juice, or a Rangiroa honeysuckle and custard mix - you' ll find the combination of Polish and traditional cooking, tender and lively in colour.

R Rangiroa is a flourishing centre of growing pearls. Savour the wonderful blend of tender scallops and Rangiroa dried whites. The Poisson Cru is a tahitic meal with seafood and coconuts. He uses the tunas and Mahi-Mahi that live in Rangiroa's huge Laguna. It is clad with coir milks and limes or lemons, which gives it a fresh taste.

It' a must for people visiting Polynesia. The Rangiroa Honig - a well-known produce of the Isle - is made from a multitude of exotic plants and plants, such as the coconut palms that are growing wild on the Isle. Rangiroa's speciality is handcrafted exclusively by native apiculturists and has a characteristic deep colour and taste similar to treacle.

We' ve created an unusual meal with this valuable Rangiroa honeys in our restaurant. There are two kinds of cocktail called "Le Sweet Honeymoon" (with honeys, coconut milks and rum) and "Honey Rangi Matini" (with honeys and vodkas). Iced Rangiroa Ice Cream with added sunflower seeds. Only Rangiroa can offer all these valuable meals.

Featuring high ceiling and an open plan room characteristic of the tropical climate, the meal has immediate entrance to the patio and swimming pools; the wind from the lake attracts fresh exotic breezes to the eating area. It is open all days for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Select from a broad selection from our menus, from delicious and savoury dishes to genuine France cooking.

No reservation required for the eatery. Much of the cooking is freshly caught and native products, often used in the tropical regions, and the essences of Polish and Moroccan cooking are brought to life in the cuisines. Featuring a full range of traditional food and sweets with flavours of the area, including homemade coconuts, pineapple and Rangiroa honeys.

?Beef Beef Rib Steak Homemade Homemade Homemade Homemade Rangiroa Honey Ice Cream Cream ?Mussels and Vegetables Soup Swordfish: Coconut Curry Beef Beef Rib Steak Homemade Homemade Homemade Rangiroa Honey Ice Cream Cream ?Mussels Steak and Vegetables Soup Swordfish Swordfish: Coconut Curry Beef Rib Steak Homemade Homemade Homemade Rangiroa Honey Ice Cream Cream ?Swordfish Translate. Poisson Cru - Tahitian Tuna www. Rangiroa Beach Lounge at our waterside lounge above the magnificent Rangiroa Laguna.

The best views in the whole area - the sunset in the Laguna is totally spectacul. Sunset in the Laguna is an unmissable spectacle for the visitors of Rangiroa, with a 360-degree sea-face. It is Rangiroa's only grape vine in the whole word that is cultivated in a typical reef grapevine.

It is a vineyard with a scenery of palm groves - a truly original scenery, perhaps only seen in Rangiroa. The winemaking was begun in 1992 by Dominique Orowa, a Normandy merchant from France. In 1999, after years of experimenting and working harder, the first wines were made. The bunches are picked twice a year in winters and summers and produce only 40,000 wines a year, making it a scarce one.

Rangiroa won the silver prize (two years in a row, 2008 and 2009) at Vinery Int'l, an annual global degustation show. Enjoy Rangiroa wines during your visit and think about its past - a one of a kind and interesting one.

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