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Television Rhine Haleck is a senior at Samoana High School in Pago Pago, USA. Samoyana HIGH SCHOOL, Public, Building, PAGO PAGO, AS. He began his coaching career in American Samoa at his Alma Mater Samoana High School as a defensive coordinator. American Samoa Samoana High School Samoana High School. The Samoana High School Gym in Pago Pago, the capital of the country.

Team Samoana High School Sharks Softball Clothing

To find a shop, use the form below. Samoana High School offers a wide range of T-shirts, hooded jackets, overalls, and caps to help you personalize your Samoana High School outfit. If you are a trainer, gambler or aficionado, your individual shark clothes show your proud ness and your sponsorship for Samoana High School.

Success of humanitarian aid to Samoa, USA

SATTLE - American Samoa is an unregistered area of the United States, which means that it respects the constitutional prerogatives of the US Constitution. The area was struck by a severe seismic and tsunamis in September 2009. The American Red Cross provided emergency relief to American Samoa in the shape of foods, drinking fountains, torches and other essential needs provided by their respective area.

States like Australia and New Zealand, although they have trading relationships, do not help American Samoa, as it is a US area. The main provider of American Samoa relief assistance is the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI). DOI provided $7 million in September 2015 for the renovation of the various infrastructural areas in the area: $1 million for the repairs and servicing of government schooling.

$300,000 to upgrade the Department of Port Administration's emergency and fire-fighting facilities. A million dollars for a two-story schoolroom at Samoana High School. 1 million dollars for the improvement of the American Samoa Power Authority's system of supply of water. Protection of people' s wellbeing through the implementation of the Piggery Compliance Programme.

Education of schools and societies through the Anti-Litter Program of Samoa and the Keep America Samoa beautiful program. During the 2009 tidal wave, the Satala nuclear station and its 23 MW thermal fuel cell capacities were devastated. Together with the African Samoa Powers Authority, Louis Berger is building a new, robust facility that will not only produce dependable and cost-effective electricity, but will also be able to cope with the impact of the earthquake, the typhoon, floods, high atmospheric moisture and the volcanic salts on the Isle.

American Samoa's objective is to achieve 100 per cent renewables by 2040. By using low-emission power packs and separating oily waters before discharging them into the oceans, the system contributes to reducing the cost of fuels and minimising the impact on the environment. It is a promising area for fishing and tourist industry and is also attracting international investment with its minimal wages and duty-free facilities.

It is not enough to eliminate this menace with the help of donations and subventions as human assistance to Samoa.

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