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Things to do in Kauai: Wher to hike, visit beaches, go where. Kauai's lush, unspoilt Na Pali coast is the most popular destination on Kauai. Discover my best child-friendly beaches, shops, child-friendly restaurants and more. The Kauai is a Mecca for outdoor adventures, including ziplining, kayaking and snorkelling.

The best in Kauai, Hawaii: 20 good reason to explore Hawaii's beautiful islands heaven

Experienced travelers even grasp their ultimate when they describe the majesty of this 27-kilometre-long mountain and ocean route on the northwest side of Kauai. A paradise 5 million years old, untouched only by walking, by plane or by ship, Kauai maintains its fame as one of the most beautiful isles in the canal.

Only 10 percent of the tragic scenery of Kauai, which can be reached by street, the footpath is the best way to discover its entire spectrum of riches. Its best-known walk is the 17-kilometre Kalalau Trail on the Napali coast; it is exhausting, but a brief walk will also reward you with panoramic views of these hightops.

There are also hundrets of other paths for walkers of all levels of difficulty to discover the unparalleled wildlife of Kauai and the old world of Hawaii's oldest isle. A further geographic miracle of Kauai on the western side is the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific", due to its epoxy dimensions:

Twenty-two kilometers long, seven kilometers broad and about one kilometer low. Trade the plane for a seat belt, choose the adrenaline and you have zip lining - Kauai's other way of air-search. Whilst the zoom over the view of a cable doesn't leave as much room for thinking as a spin, it's a huge buzz and another way to enjoy some of these remote Sweetspots.

Hawaii's "Garden Island" is taking its name very seriously. In addition to the unspoilt countryside, Kauai also offers beautiful cultural landscapes with preserved flora. McBryde and Allerton Gardens, the two National Tropical Botanical Gardens flagship gardens, cover 140 ha on the southern coast. McBryde is not only a beautiful face, but also the center of pioneering farming research and nature preservation efforts, while Allerton is known for its fine landscapes and various "spaces," fountains and facilities designed by the gifted builder Robert Allerton on an estate belonging to the kings of Hawaii.

Hanaleis favourite cultural references for such a small and overslept city are impressive, from South Pacific film venues to the 70s inspired tribute to Puff the Magic Dragon. On the Hanalei Valley Lookout, the beach, the beach and the crescent-shaped cove are a haven for observers of the sunsets and artists and notorious for proposing marriages, while the Hanalei Valley Lookout offers more of these photo-perfect Kauai views.

It is also interesting to take a walk through the Waioli Missionskirche from 1912 and the Mission House from 1837, the oldest one. A larger Hollywood celebrity than George Clooney, Kauai has shot The descendant here, making a long, sparkling appeal from celebrities who have divided more than 60 films with Kauai.

JuraSic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Blue Hawaii, South Pacific, King Kong and The Thorn Birds took advantage of the island's pristine nature, and a scenic walk through the villages is a funny way to see the island's most beautiful spots through a director's-lense.

Fruitful soils and a luxuriant growth atmosphere make Garden island a haven for the freshest products, and on the isle there are almost daily farmers' market, known here as Sunshine Market. It is possible to walk without a grocery store and live in the Kauai market while getting a vivid glimpse of insularity.

Natives say that Kauai prawns are the best on the world, and once you try them, you will be sceptical. Hawaii's only surviving 18th century mill is now an agricultural heritage centre on a functioning tariff farming estate and in a National Wildlife sanctuary. Touring offers the only available entrance to the shelter, so insights into the islands unique and vulnerable waterfowl are an additional addition to your historical education.

Koloa Rum, made on the Isle of Koloa from native sugars and waters that are naturaly separated by limestone as it drains from Mount Waialealealeale, is another delicious way to see Kauai's pay-off. Additional indigenous produce such as pineapples, coconuts and coffees are added to make mixes that you can taste in the tasting room in Lihue along with the typical local beverage, Mai-Tai.

The Koloa Rum sampling room is located on this historical farmhouse property constructed by the extravagant Gaylord Wilcox. In Kilohana, near Lihue, there is the only Hawaiian locomotive - a locomotive rolling through the 42 hectares of land, where you can see all kinds of agricultural plants such as swine, donkey, goats, lambs and horse.

Located within the 1935 farmhouse, you can wander through its 16,000 sq. metres of carefully renovated plantations full of hawaiian artefacts and works of art. Hawaii's only naval able river that winds its way inland to cliffs, secret caves and the island's renowned creeks.

This pyramidal twinned summit has its own colorful history; it was used by the old Hawaiian for "fire casting ceremonies", during which bright, arid tree trunks were set on fire and shot high above the sea into the nocturnal skies - possibly the world's first firework display. It was the first of Hawaii's factories to house this small period pod and was the center of the island's annuals.

A 26-kilometer long coastline hike (or bike or car ride) creates an open-air open-air open-air exhibition with all the important historic features of Kauai - from its earliest beginnings to its most recent history in industry, with a powerful touch of the outdoors. There are fourteen different stations leading into the beautiful old mission church, the sugar monument, remnants of old churches and geologic formation, possible insights into the threatened Hawaiian monk seal and verdant marine tortoises and the Spouting Horn Blowhol.

Each Friday evening, the more than 15 fine arts galeries in Hanapepe, Western Cauai's lovely little city, are filled with great musical and entertaining events and the artist himself, in a long lasting traditions. It is a wonderful way to buy your souvenirs and enjoy the instant, sincere welcome for which Hawaiians are known. Hawaiian shores are no problem, but Kauai's 80 kilometers of blond sand are among the most hypnotic on the islands.

Among the Stunnern belong the Lumahai Beach at the northern bank, where Mitzi Gaynor wwashed this man from the fur in the southern Pacific, and the roomy, family-friendly Poipu Beach Park at the southern bank. The Wailua River, with its luxuriant tapestry of pendulous fern and foggy waterfalls, was once the Hawaiian Majesty's unique play area, then the meeting place of a future emperor.

It was Elvis Presley who shot two of Hawaiian' s great numbers on the nearby highways, and came here to unwind outside of work. The musician loves this place and today the king continues to live in vocalists who are performing Hawaiian' s celebrated river cruise ship track. It is part of the global Elvis journey, but it is just another one of Kauai's embarrassments of the environment.

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