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It' a real hiding place from the mainstream. Molokai Hotel and would certainly consider staying there on another trip. Molokai Hotel - 50 photos & 31 reviews - Resorts - 1300 W Kamehameha V Hwy, Kaunakakakakai, HI, United States - Telephone number

Enamored of this sweet little motel!!!! Me and my hubby last night reserved a last minutes airfare and accommodation with Expedia. Having read the ratings of the only other hotels on the isle, we chose the Moloka'i&so happy that we had a room that was neat, cool, open and well-lit.

We stayed for the view and the restauarant. Pleasant personnel, great check-in and check-out. The vibrations have been turned back. It was a great and very entertaining houseband and the club makes a great Molokai Mule. It' a very beautiful place to put your mind. Just the restuarant is a good excuse to leave and the personnel was great.

Molokai Hotel's Ristorante is an open-air dining room with a wonderful panoramic sea front and far away Lanai Islands views. Most of Molokai had a relaxed ambience, so the place itself was nothing special.... that was foreseen. During our week-end excursion to Molokai we had dinner twice in the local restaurants.

There was a beautiful sight both in the mornings and early evenings. I didn't stay, just came for supper. "Awesome' I really enjoy this place and the hospitality of its personnel. I' m definitely staying again! We' ve given 5-star rating to the Molokai Inn. The humans are great. They' re hot and welcoming.

Then, supper in the restaurants is amazingly cheap and delicious. You' ll be delighted with a good time with Hwaiian tunes and if you're fortunate, a lady can get up and perform folk dances and your hearts will be even more in Molokai, the Molokai and Hotel Molokaiers.

They are very kind but unexperienced. You' ve got to eat before you drink. Dinner was quite good! Beautiful taste and side features. The place gets 4 asterisks for the views. At the Molokai Hotel, the best one on the islands has been named. It' s a great sight for sure.

We had a nice but gradual wait. I' m guessing if you're looking for hamburgers and French fry, okay, but good food isn't on the Molokai Hotel menus. Molokai Hotel: No place mo' bedtah! I like to flee to Molokai as a citizen of Oahu in order to flee from the hectic daily routine from there.

I' ve been to this place before and spent a whole weekend in this lovely place. All of the personnel are extremely kind, courteous and tolerant; they have been more than useful in responding to my troublesome tourism queries where I should go for certain things to provide me with extra covers, cushions and so on. Just for the services the motel is a great place.

I' d spent a whole weekend in an apartment with a cooking area, which was great to have a way to cook a meal. The new Hiro's Ohana Grill barbeque is a great place to get together with other guests and eat delicious food and beers. The Molokai is a marvellous place.

I' ve been here a whole weekend. I' m afraid the meal on the isle is terrible. There'?s no place I still don't get. May I say that I appreciate that there is a desire to maintain the "old Hawaii" on the islands, but I disagree. I' d probably come back, but for a short stay. During my stay there I made some good contacts and new acquaintances.

Dinner at the Molokai was fine. It was good and it was really good to have some gentle and lovely Hwaiian to have. Pleasant personnel, great rooms and comforts. Used to love this lovely, laid-back place. and it was wonderful. It was unbelievable how much vegetation and the employees were very supportive and kind.

Such a great place to stay! Very sweet rooms, pleasant personnel and a pleasant local pub and restaurants. Great cuisine, great services and good conversation. We' spent four night at the motel and I can't say enough about how much we loved it. Yeah, I confess the food's fine, nothing upsetting.

Beautiful views of Lana'i Island from the bars and lounges. You ever go to Molokai, you gotta see this place! We' been here this week-end and we had a lot of fun. This room is central, near the restaurants, and has a landai that my daugther and I used every single second.

Are you looking for luxuries, then this Moloka'i is not for you. It was my husband's anniversary we had in this place last night. Can' t say enough good things about the personnel and the sea-views.

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