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In all honesty, I'm not sure if I should say that Samoa serves as a background for Lauliis and Alexander's stories, or if it's the other way around. Theoretical Self in Samoa: Feelings, sexes and sexualities - Jeannette Marie Mageo Theoretical Self in Samoa developed a new theorem of self in civilization through a Samoa Psychologic and Historic Anthropography. Like in many non-Western civilizations, Samoan self-images are more socio-centric - they emphasize the human role played - as self-centered - and emphasize personal, inner emotions and cognitions. Theoretical Self in Samoa is an important area for Oceania's psychologic anthropologists and Oceania student community and will also address student and scholar in the fields of arts, women's research and ancestry.

Cataclysmic Extinction of Fishes in Samoa, USA

There have been found tens of thousand of babies of rabbits found on the beach and in the shallows of the camps. Chief fisheries obituary Domingo Ochavillo[Or-char-vee-lio] says they cannot determine the cause of fishing mortality and send specimens of body parts from the islands for further analyses. One Amouli inhabitant who announced the fishmurder in his town says the same thing occurred there in 1996.

They have been asked by the Ministry to inform the inhabitants as soon as they see large numbers of deceased fishermen on their sands.

8 years of anger in Samoa - Robert Louis Stevenson

Much of the last four years of Stevenson's career, unfortunately for his literature, has been engaged in an energetic part of Samoan policy. Prior to reaching Samoa, he had championed the cause of the Honolulu indigenous breed and in February 1889 wrote to' The Times', which cried against the aggressive attitude of Germany in Samoa, not only in its relationships with the locals, but also against Americans and the English.

He collected the story of the preceding era from whites like H. J. Moors {q.v.) and others who more or less agreed with his politics, at least for reasons of interest, were against the Ger-man-elements.

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