The Yasawas


Besides the popular snorkelling and kayaking, the Yasawas are ideal for sailing. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery on board a cruise ship or a chartered yacht, where you will experience a different island every day. Await the crowds to your own private beach on an all-encompassing experience of Fiji's most pristine chain of islands. Join the cocktails, discover the adventure! Yasawas are famous for their crystal blue lagoons and some of the most ethereal beaches in the Pacific.

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Travelling has also become cheaper, which has led travelers to go further away, usually with the fall in air fares. That is why a whole new class of travelers has begun to move who previously did not have the funds to do so. They are not very interested in spending the night in a very spacious 5-star resort, which has nothing else to do but sit by the swimming pools and in the sun.

If Fiji is not the first traveler' s first backpacker trip, the realities are quite different. An increasing number of backpacker tourists travelling the globe often stop in Fiji for a weeks or two while they cross the Pacific on their way to the next planet.

Well, actually backpack tourists have been arriving in Fiji for quite some while. Since the 1970s, when a significant part of Fiji opened up to tourists, backpacker tourists have come here to experience the crystalline clear sea, the astonishing diving spots, the great diversity of aquatic activities that can be practised in Fiji, and the great relaxed sensation that only a Pacific Isles can provide.

Infrastructure has been created to allow travelers to move smoothly between the various isles of this magnificent island and the number of travelers has grown at an exponential rate since then. However, considering that there are 333 archipelagos in the land, which should one pick when arriving in Fiji? I' m just giving you my opinion, go to the Yasawas.

Yasawas are a group of about 20 volcanoes on the west side of Fiji. It' the place in Fiji where you get the best possible conditions, but it's not its only benefit (even if it's a great one). Travel to these destinations is actually quite simple, as these can be reached via the town of Nadi, where the main public transport is located.

Therefore, when you come to Fiji, you have to go through Nadi and jump on the Yasawa flyer to see the Yasawas, is easily accessible and won't let you waste much transport work. Yasawa has everything you could ever want in Fiji: stunning snorkelling and diving sites (even with some shark if you like a little adrenalin on your travels), wonderful long whitish sand shores, deep bluish lakes, many authentic Fiji towns to combine with Fiji civilization and wonderful walks on almost every of them.

And last but not least, thanks to the Yasawa flyers that come and go every day and stop on every Yasawa Group of islands, it is very easy to jump on the isle. You can also get a Bula passport in the city, which allows you to go from islands to islands as a pre-paid-packet.

Naturally, this pack is sufficiently versatile to prolong a trip to one of the island if you are feeling particularly relaxed or if you are having a good time on one of these island, depending on that. However, 20 islets can seem a little much, especially considering that several of these have more than one of them.

So I would recommend only two or three backpack tours through the Yasawas. I would always favour Octopus Village, pioneers of the backpack making in this part of Fiji and the most relaxing village in the whole archipelago. The Octopus Village is only two and a half hrs from the shore with the Yasawa Flyer and one hrs only if you go by your own after-shock.

There are two 8-bed rooms, with 2 communal baths, which are cleansed every day, and air conditioning. For a more stylish trip, our guest can also use common cottages or even swimming pools and beaches. You' re not going to be sorry to come to the Octopus Resort for a few days.

The majority of backpack tourists I meet here tell me that their stay here is like a vacation on their vacation. If not all of our clients are backpack tourists, they all have equal amenities, activity and meals, regardless of the type of lodging they book (which is not the case at all Yasawas resorts).

Individuals are also more than welcome, given that the residence offers many recreational opportunities, such as the Saturday nights for which the residence is known. The common meal is also promoted, so that the visitors can meet humans from all possible Horizonten and lands. They will not be alone for long if you do not want to when you travel to Octopus resorts.

Once you have the feeling that you have had enough of your stay on Waya Island, you can take the Yasawa Flyer back to Nacula Island, home of the Blue Lagoon Beach Estate. The Blue Lagoon Beach is Octopus Resort's partner area. The Blue Lagoon Beach is a must on the Yasawa Islands, a few years after its big sibling.

It is the same approach, a place for all kinds of travelers, but the coastline and the sandy shore are completely different. The Blue Lagoon is the thirteenth best among the 50 best in Fiji, making it the number one in Fiji. Situated on one of the last of the group's isles, you really feels like a Robison Crusoe (with warm waters and great food).

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