How to get to Fanning Island

Getting to Fanning Island

They can fly to Christmas Island, Kiribati and then with Kwai to Fanning Island. No airport on Fanning Island. In order to get to Fanning Island, you must first travel via Honolulu or Fiji to Christmas Island (Kiritimati). Forums for Fanning Island. Talk about Fanning Island travel with TripAdvisor travelers.

Hello, I would like to go to Fanning Island for one months.....

Hello, I would like to surf on Fanning Island for one months on my sixtieth anniversary, does it have power? And I was there in 2002 paying the man in his van $10 to take me around the whole island. Only one alien lives on the island and he is now wed to a local one.

I' ve heard that a freighter named Kwai ships every four month delivering things and people. They don't have to buy it from the freighter Kwai. There are flights to Christmas Island, Kiribati and then with Kwai to Fanning Island. Their website says they're charging $360 for a foot of material from Honolulu.

When flying to Christmas Island, the journey takes only 2 nights. There' s no Fanning Island Aiport. Had I also noted that they buy plant oils from the freighter and roast it up bread fruit into chips and then they' re until they' re brown.

USA/Tabuaerean -

The Fanning is one of the island atlls of the Line Island Group with a max. height of about 3 meters above the flood. It is located directly in the ITCZ. When no officers come out to check the boat, the master should get off and first go to customs at the administration office just outside the dock, then the commissioner of law enforcement, who also serves as an immigration official.

Landings for domestic family are allowed, but must be clarified and declared with the customman. Last update November 2014. There' s a broad passage on the western side of the Tabuaeran tunnel, but there is a powerful outflow at full low tide (up to 7 knots).

Now there are no buoy marks at the entry to the passport. After passing the passage in the lake, dock at the old submerged launch or at one of the two boats on the northern side. You can also drop a 30 -foot sandy and reef bottom in front of the capital Napia, just to the South of the mountain passes.

Anchoring in the leeward side of the island in the flat sands. Last update November 2014.

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