Norfolk Island Weather today

Weather on Norfolk Island today

This is Kingston weather for today, and this is the exact weather forecast for Kingston, Norfolk Island. Webcams and airport information for Norfolk Island International Airport. Weather in Norfolk Island, Australia in October. Weather forecasts for Norfolk Island. Alerts in extreme weather conditions.

Weather Forecast, Norfolk Island

Weather in the UK will remain arid and sunshiny this weekend. You can also check out the Kingston History Weather, Text Weather and Weather Charts pages. Historic or past weather forecasts page offers historic weather forecasts from July 1, 2008 to now in 3-hour intervals. The text weather page allows you to get a weather text for the next 14 day and the weather map page shows weather patterns such as temperatures, windspeed, gusts, pressures etc. in graphic view for the next 14-day.

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Weather on Norfolk Island

Weather on Norfolk Island is constant all year round. As a rule, this nice temperate weather is between 10 and 26°C. Offical sub-tropical sea climates, Norfolk Island gets over 1300 mm of precipitation every year. Most of this rains fall in the period from April to August, although every single monthly can be "wet".

Summers are hot and long, while the winters from June to August are much damper than the remainder of the year, but still with a gentle one. Thunderstorms occur most frequently in winters and springs, with about 12 thunderstorms per year. The weather on Norfolk Island also includes an annual hail storm on averages.

The island is not affected by the cyclone, but sometimes it affects the weather at the beginning of the year.

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