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Taveuni Vuna Lagoon Lodge

Winston tore apart the southern Taveuni. The Vuna Lagoon Lodge was not spared. When you have time during your stay in Taveuni, try to stay a few days at Vuna Lodge. Valuations of Vuna Lagoon Retreat Fiji with information about all Taveuni Resorts, plus packages and discounts. Articles about Vuna Lagoon Lodge written by Shannon.

Lodge Vuna Lodge- Vuna, Taveuni

Only fifty meters from the sea, the guest house provides great view, swim, reef angling and snorkeling. Vuna Lighthouse Lodge is operated by Adi Salote Samanunu, a landowner and administrator. If you are a resident, you can also look forward to the very good, old-fashioned "Fijian" friendliness for which Taveuni is known.

The Vuna Lighthouse Lodge has a fully equipped cuisine, but also offers food and a week-long "lovo" (earth furnace party).

A great sojourn - review of Vuna Lagoon, Taveuni Island, Fiji

I' ve been to Vuna Lagoon Lodge for three nights. There' s only power for 3 hrs a monday and no surf! Still, they finally answered my e-mails and had someone at the airfield to meet me as planned. It is a very comfortable one-hour trip to Vuna, which takes two hrs. after the Fijian period.

The Paradise Taveuni are a good 45 minutes on foot, but also offer pick-up and return. The rating is the personal judgment of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Still not quite ready for use - review of Vuna Lagoon, Taveuni Island, Fiji

I' ve hardly been to Vuna. Apparently it was ravaged by Winston in February. I' ve called Salote at Vuna Lodge in anticipation and reserved a place to rest. Salote did agree to let me live in one of her house rooms for a decent price. Once I went snorkeling, but the corals broke after the hurricane and there wasn't much to see except for all the clothes and housewares that were laundered into the ocean a few month ago.

It was also a pleasure to walk around the town and talk to the locals. Reconstruction is very sluggish and most of the houses were badly affected by the hurricane. For a few lessons I went to visit them, sing some of my own music with the children and talk to some masters. I was lucky enough to see how ladies were beating trees for an hour to make a smooth cloth named "tapa" on the way back.

It was my privilege to meet the head of the town and to hand him some "Kava". If you get off near the lower town, someone will show you the way to Vuna Lodge, just a few minutes foot. When you have a few minutes during your visit to Taveuni, try to spend a few nights at Vuna Lodge.

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