Vanuatu Tourism Office Sydney

Tourist Office Vanuatu Sydney

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and the Vanuatu Tourism Office History of tourism in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Title image courtesy of Vanuatu Tourism Office. PR campaign launched in Australia by Vanuatu Tourism Office

Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, 19 April 2017) - The Vanuatu Tourism Office formally started the "Wake Up in Vanuatu" in Australia today. The aim of this big tourism promotion is to attract more tourists to Vanuatu: "Just a few short hrs from Australia, Vanuatu islets are the ideal place for your next vacation.

"Vanuatu provides a universe of adventures and discoveries, from bathing in a pristine aquatic lake to being on the edge of a living-volcan. Aimed at the Aussie markets, especially Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne commuteers. Mrs. Adella Aru Issachar, Managing Director of Vanuatu Tourism Office, said Kizzy Kalsakau in Nightly News that this big promotion has a value of 25 million Vt (225,000 US$) and consists of three components: Woke Up to Adventure, Woke Up to Happiness and Woke Up to Freedom.

GTI and the Australian Tourist Office are currently running the campaigns and placing placards on busses and coaches. There are at least 210 busses in the fleet, 135 in Sydney and 75 in Brisbane. He has also published videopromo on their Facebook page and website and works in close cooperation with distributors and tour operators and their key affiliate, Air Vanuatu, to provide specific itineraries.

As Issachar says, the Australian tourism industry accounts for 50%-52% of the tourism industry in Vanuatu. "So Australia is an important tourism destination in Vanuatu. Vanuatu Government is thankful to VTO for having invested strongly in this initiative to promote the tourism sector in the government and hopes that this initiative can be continued next year.

Jeff Murdock said on Air Vanuatu, the new General Manager Commercial, that Air Vanuatu is pleased to be working with VTO on this initiative. "It' a great campaigne.

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