Vanuatu Government

Government of Vanuatu

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Government of Vanuatu

This project created an enterprise architecture for the Vanuatu government. Stage one of the project was to gain a thorough knowledge of the government's current government implementations, system and networking technology used in various government bodies. In the next stage, an Enterprise Reference Model using the TOGAF frameworks was designed on the basis of the government's commercial and application needs.

This project followed the establishment of the Governments MPLS Broadband Networks (GBN), which was an important project for the government and the Vanuatu population. Provide engineering reviews of the government's IT system and networking architectures, identifying problems that can be resolved in the near future; designing the new IT architectures; identifying a work program for migration of the current IT infrastructure to the new IT architectures; general IT consulting; and participating in the government's IT engineering advisory group.

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Sorts every state on a range of 0 to 100, on the basis of ten liberties, with 100 being the greatest degree of financial independence from state interference. It has the exclusive power and accountability for the day-to-day management of the land and the enforcement of the laws. The President is chosen by an election committee and the Premier is chosen by the European Union Assembly.

Nomination by the Chairman. The members are chosen by a sole, non-transferable voice.

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