Getting from Maui to Hawaii

Arrival from Maui to Hawaii

You can only get to Maui from Hawaii by plane. The Maui Public Bus Transit System. Maui Transport information including car rental, bus system and hitchhiking. The county of Maui operates a public transport system that offers only a limited service to the airport. Hawaiian culture is as important in Hana as breathing.

Big Island to Maui excursion - Maui Forum

I' m going to visit and stay on Big Iceland in October. Me and my group are going on a full-time excursion to Maui. in $300 per passenger. You can only get to Maui from Hawaii by air. Who do you think you're gonna do in Maui one time?

You need to know which of the airports on Big Island is nearest to you. Where do you think you're going with just one or two days in Maui? So how long you been in Hawaii? Perhaps we should ask about ALL your Hawaii intentions.... maybe we can spare you some problems. Each of us stayed two week on the BI and Maui in March/April and I can't imagine any reasons to quit the BI to go to Maui only for one days, so what did you ask them? what are your intentions for that one?

There may be something on BI that you haven't added to your trip plan that would be just as convenient, but much less travelling in terms of duration and cost. This canal between Big Island and Maui is known for its rugged water. Its name is Alenuihaha, and although in Hawaiian it doesn't mean "laugh", I've seen folks joking about the sea in the canal saying "haha" to those trying to pass.

There''s no such thing as a daily excursion to Maui, so no wonder it's overpriced. From Maui and Oahu, we make daily excursions to the Great Island to see the volcano or Mauna Kea. Big Islanders go on outings to Oahu to see Pearl Harbor. On Maui there is no "bucket list" that draws outings.

Maui' is popular for R&R-style holidays, not for hits and runs.... or if that' s what folks want, they go on a boat tour all over the isle. That might seem ridiculous, but I'm a big Fleetwood Mac enthusiast (I'll see her here in Florida this Friday) and I know that Mick Fleetwood's recently opened its own place on Maui, Fleetwood's, and I thought since I was "close," I could take a full days out and go to the place and see some of the places of interest on Maui.

Apparently what I think is "close" is not really near. I find it rather pointless to take a trip to one of them. One spends a lot of it, a lot of time around the airfield and trouble, and it is simply not really necessary because there is not enough of it.

I could make the only difference for those who go to an other than Oahu and really want to go to Pearl Harbor, I might think it's a worthwhile thing to do. This is a very peculiar and focussed thing that some folks just have to do, and I think I would go along with that.

You' d be better off wasting your precious little hours discovering the big isle. Come and see Maui next tim! I can see why you want to make it to Maui for a whole year. You' re the only one who'll know if it's profitable. It' your holiday, your holiday, your money! Please check this board for your Hawaiian Question.

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