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Maui Lanai City

The first planned community in the territory of Hawaii, Lanai City is now the last intact plantation town in Maui County. One Lanai man was arrested by Maui County police in connection with a deadly fight on Friday night. Maui County, Hawaii, HI Enclosures. Maui County, Hawaii, HI-texts. Postcodes in Lanai City.

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My husbands and I went to Lanai after we stayed here last sommer and we visit R.S. Maui quite often..... All you can do is take a plane to Honolulu and get a connection to Lanai, which will take about 20 mins. There is a chauffeur service from Lanai to either Lake Lanai or to the shelter.

Staying and enjoying lanai for a few nights and at the end of your journey, hops on the shuttle in lanai and enjoying the 45 minutes boating ride (beautiful view of kohawe, maui, lanai and moleokai, and go to maui. It was easy and stress-free last year, just don't miss checking your baggage on the first stage of your journey to Lanai, because where you are flying in HNL and ours from HNL are not even near each other!

It' quite chilly to see the relaxed "untouched" Lanai and then drive to Maui, where it is touristically weird. Snorkelling in front of SS lanai Manele cove is dying, and the quiet swimming area in SS maui is unbeatable, but sometimes grownups get really shit-faced and uncomfortable there.....

They' re both so beautiful, but Lanai is like no other on this planet, and Maui is really big and it lasts forever until it goes somewhere, because there is no straight way, which can be bothersome, but both are so great.

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Re: Transfer from Maui to Lanai--fly in or out? If you stay on Maui, the shuttle is the right way. No there are directly from Maui to Lana`i. When flying in or out of Honolulu, Iceland Air flies from Honolulu to Lana`i.

From Maui, I would take a direct plane from Chicago and then take the Lana`i boat. Another possibility is to take Lana`i to Honolulu and then transfer to a Honolulu - Chicago plane. Enjoy planning your journey!

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