Norfolk Island Museum

The Norfolk Island Museum

No matter what you do, don't miss the three museums on the island. Ancient island houses; Norfolk Island Museum; centenary of Rotary International. Locate hotels near Kelham Island Museum, UK online.

Bounty hat's from Norfolk Island. The USMC Veteran Designs National Native American Veterans Memorial for National Mall The National Museum of the American Indian.

World of Norfolk's MuseumThe World of Norfolk's Museum

We are starting this year with an increase in visitor numbers in our museum and the R.E.O. store, which already exceeds the overall turnover of January 2017! In addition to these very welcome extra guests, behind the curtains we have moved the Norfolk Island Museum Trust collections of libraries, archives, photographs, sound and images from the Guardhouse at Kingston Pier to Research Centre No. 9 at Research Centre No. 9 in Kingston Pier.

The move is the result of discussions about ways to improve the Kingston Pier area. While the Guardhouse buildings have been home to this library for many years, as the library has grown, it has become crammed, making it hard to securely and conveniently get inside the library.

Rinsing out salts in areas of the inside wall and exposure stones and mortars formed dusts that retained humidity on the shelving and bookcases, strong rains led to leaks through the chimneys. Now empty, the Guard House can better be designed as an interpretive area for our guests to hear more about the history associated with the Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area.

There are many benefits to the new warehouse in Quality Series 9 - it is neat, there is a greater width between bookcases and filecases, the window has shutters to keep out harmful ultraviolet radiation, there is a roof ventilator to keep the ambient atmosphere in circulation, and the room has two built-in lockers with dryers to protect valuable objects from high atmospheric damp.

The staff at the Research Centre are excited and looking forward to using this resource to supplement theirs. Norfolk Island Moving and Storing carried out the removal of this valuable piece of materials with great care. Laying over a thousand ledgers, three large double-sided shelving units, nine file cupboards, huge archive and card safes, showcase materials and accessories and much more was no easy task.

It was made possible with the assistance of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities of the Commonwealth. As well as moving activities, we have developed our Sirius Managment Plan, a legal obligation to manage and protect the historical assets of the Sirius shipwreck and its remains.

Sirius Project expedition director Graeme Henderson in the 1980s is the advisor commissioned to revise and upgrade this plan. He has done an immense amount of work, ahead of his December trip to Norfolk Island to stakeholder and fellowship meetings and since his comeback to Western Australia.

We are also looking forward to another Norfolk Island Museum Trust reunion in early February. It will be my privilege at this gathering to present more interesting "donations" to trustees considering joining our fellowship group.

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