Matuku Island Fiji

Fiji Island Matuku

The volcanic island hae, jon ki Fiji ke Lau Group ke Moala Subgroup me hae. Yachts visit this island from time to time. Locate Matuku Island on a map and search for other weather locations. You will find the perfect matuku lau islands Fiji stock photo. So I flew us all with a seaplane to the Tau Yacht in the main bay of Matuku and sailed around the southern Lau Islands for several weeks.

Matuku, Fiji

Kaiiviti (54,3%), Matuku ec volcano island haae, jon ki Fiji ke Lau Group ke Moala sub-group me heae. The island is 19,18 degrees southeast at 179,75 degrees southeast with an area of 57 sqkm. Your island ke sab se uuncha hagha 385 m high. Mamuku me seat gaeon haae, jon ki Yaroi, Natokalau, Qalikarua, Levuka i daaku, Makadru, Raviravi and Lomati hae,jisme se mainly Yaroi do.

Matuku, Lau Group ke ek island rahahaa, Yiske Ma'afu na quai konquer kanare para rahah. Your mother gave no reason to be brave with her. He was famously known as Sir Timoci Tuivaga Hae, Jon ki 1974 and 2002 Fiji ke Chief Justice Raa.

a new surfspot in Matuku

The majority of our more than 300 islets are enclosed by barriere coral cliffs, so the waters are quite serene. Now, a new spot has been spotted and it's Matuku. Matuku Island in Fiji's Lau Group has been recognized as one of the best windsurfing locations in the underworld.

The Matuku is a vulcanic island in the Moala sub-group of the Fijian Lau-Archipel. 75 degrees East, Matuku stretches over an area of 57 sqkm. The story says that Matuku was the only island in the Lau group that was not captured by the Ma'afu government that sweeps through the Lau group. In Matuku there are seven villages: Yaroi, Natokalau, Qalikarua, Levuka i daaku, Makadru, Raviravi and Lomati.

From now on Tavarua Island is the best windsurfing spot in Fiji. Mr. Koroikata thinks, however, if all goes well, Matuku could see some big players in the windsurfing community who ride Matuku shafts. Actually, windsurfing had already begun in Matuku. Since 2003 Mr. Ian Ravouvou Muller visited the island with some famous windsurfers from all over the and...

It also organized trips to other isles such as Totoya and Gau. "At the end of 2003, I took the decision to take the chance to discover these areas, where not many vessels had travelled before, as there were only few permissions to enter the Lau archipelago. Many years ago I flew over these isles and saw the power, but I didn't have the means to look for the kind of wave I started to dream of.

" Mr Muller identifies various shafts in Matuku during the trip. Will be very flat and is best at 3 - 2 hrs on both sides of the flood and is off with the trade. 3 ) Ratu's: has a fast running right that works best on b/w swell and with the trade on land.

It is still protected enough to function in an era when the trade is blown. 4 ) Depeders or Chuckies: is a powerful right hand barrels, which can be surfened at all tidal waters except at extremely low levels and is ahead of the trade. Surfable at any flood and is side by side with the S/E but side by side with the Eastern part.

6 ) Bogle's: it's a small pause in the Matuku riff, which forms a small, empty link, which is also a lot of pleasure. Sides off shore with trade and can only be surfened at medium tide. He has also had talks with the head of Matuku, Ratu Alipate Baleilakeba Mocevakaca, and is also supported.

Alipate Ratu said that surfer who had been on the island had given Matuku a high rating - "it is one of the best in the world". Browse already in Gau, Totoya and other Fiji isles.

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