Most Beautiful places in new Zealand South Island

Best places in New Zealand South Island

Walkers, mountaineers and avid nature lovers will visit the Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park to admire its exquisite mountain ranges, glaciers and remarkable rocky terrain. Beautiful places in New Zealand South Island. Rakiura National Park. The walk has been declared one of the "most beautiful walks in the world". Tekapo, New Zealand.

Best places in New Zealand South Island

When you are looking for a listing of the most beautiful places in New Zealand South Island. I' ll be sharing with you the experience you have here. Here you can also find out about the best unstable places in the North Island of New Zealand. Tekapo is a small city at the south end of the eponymous Tekapo Sea in the interior of the South Island of New Zealand.

There' also a shepherd' s chapel by the sea. The head of the municipality said that they came here to construct the dike (which is behind the lake) and later chose to stay here because of the beautiful area. Mount Cook has long been on my longest list of places I need to see.

And it worked great because it was only an hour's car ride from Lake Tekapo. Definitely I can say that I know most of Ed Sheeran's music now! The Aoraki / Mt Cook is New Zealand's highest summit and probably the most unstable part of the state. Mt Köchin's beautiful scenery can also be experienced on the simple Hooker Valley Track on foot, with a bird's eye perspective, or by boating into the area' s cyan water or watching stars at dark.

I' d say Mt Cook is a must if you're on the South Island. The breathtaking seaside resorts made me think of Banff in Canada, which is just as beautiful and quiet. Always thought I'd like to see Bungy Jump in New Zealand because of the beautiful scenery. As a matter of fact, I had it on my schedule.

Travelers will never tire of enjoying the breath-taking countryside - new views around every turn - and the pristine nature of this ice-covered area. It had been said to me that it was one of the best landscapes in the whole wide open space and it certainly filled it. There were many perfectly snow-capped peaks on the way, breathtakingly beautiful valley, waterfall cascades that flow from high altitudes over steep rocky hills, thick forests and breath-taking seas and streams.

Pretty few folks know or skiip Stewart Island, but I think it's definitely well worth a look. The Stewart Island/Rakiura is the third biggest island in New Zealand. Situated 30 km south of the South Island, it is the southernmost of the three most important New Zealand isles. Although Antarctica is as near as possible to Antarctica, the clear blue ocean and sandy beach of Stewart Island make it look more like a tropic heaven.

They can have some quite singular adventures on the island. Spend the evening watching Oban Wharf Pinguins, a visit to a free wilderness chiwi, a variety of sandy beaches such as Dead Man Bay and Horseshoe Bay, Great White White Sheark Caged Dives (summer only) or the Southern Lights.

Bluff's most frequent and inexpensive way to get here is by ship. He sails three trips a night from Stewart Island and Bluff. They can also hire a motorbike, MTB or auto to see as much of the island as possible during brief trips, or take a fast cruise to Ulva Island.

Would you like to enjoy a walk or an excursion or a beautiful pond with this Wanakaree? They can find everything in the Mount Aspiring National Park. You can experience many things here, such as seeing the icy trains like Rob Roy glacier and the Blue Pools, a curvy jet boat trip into the national park, rafting in the Routeburn Valley or a sightseeing tour of Mt Aspering from above or a parachute trip.

Can' t figure out which is my favourite national park in New Zealand, but it could be this one. Mt Aspiring is located at the south end of the alp. Robust beautiness to the extreme! Is there a better way to begin the journey than driving through the picturesque Arthur's Pass National Park over Castle Hill?

Founded in 1929, it was the first South Island and third New Zealand Natural Area. Devil's Punchbowl Trail is so beautiful and has a great view, but there are about 300 stairs up and down! You' re encircled by a beautiful indigenous vegetation and a breathtaking view over the Arthurs Pass.

When you pass Punakaiki, Paparoa National Park, it is a good suggestion to stop and see the pancake rocks and blowholes. This is another beautiful and indispensable place on the South Island of New Zealand. Don't miss the beautiful Queen Charlotte footpath that stretches along its entire length. Sound offers such a distinctive scenery that is so pictorial.

It' difficult to describe how peaceful, beautiful and calm the Marlborough Sounds are. A wide range of accommodations and boats are available to ensure you get the most out of your stay. It' s so beautiful, wherever you look, it captures the senses and conveys a real experience of Mother Earth.

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Do you want to explore the South Island of New Zealand? What places did you find on your trip in the South Island Schedule?

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