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Oliver's Bar and Restaurant, Rochester, Medway, Kent Oliver's Bar & Restaurante is an exquisite facility in the centre of Rochester. We offer a wide selection of wine, liquor, cocktails and local and inspirational menus, as well as our high standards of services. It is our aim to make every stay at Oliver's unforgettable for the right reason - great services, great ambience, great company and great cuisine.

takenaways supplied by local restauranteurs

Using genuine ltalian cuisine, Prazzo brings a hint of Italy to the UK. The Thai cuisine of Busaba is full of flavours and uses the most fresh materials, from local specialities to fresh salad, French fry and curry. Zizzi remains faithful to its name and offers a developing meal card with exquisite Italians.

The less well-known Zizzi cuisine, which sits next to pasta, gives a flavour of la dolce wine. They have been improving their prescriptions for over 20 years, so it is no wonder that wagamama's Japaneseinspired meals are a permanent, national favour. Since their first patchy in 2001, the Gourmet Burger Kitchen staff have been making burger and milkshake that are sure to meet this need.

He prepares all his meals with love from the ground up - no wonder that he has been making us dream of Naples since 1999.

UK fans fought at 50 a table command home in Chatham during the Columbia match at £50

Scandalous film material shows a massive clash in Chatham when England were playing Colombia last evening (3 July). This titanic battle took place at the Command House in Chatham, inviting controversial players who wanted to get nearer to the outside soccer display, 50 per game. There was a stacked man in the battle, hitting a man several times who had focused another man on the ground.

Beers were tossed around with others singing "fight" as safety forces burst in to help a man. As the personnel seemed to reassure the crowd, another man went to another drunkard who was on the counter, while others shouted in desperation, "Calm down. The Kent PD has now affirmed that no detentions have been made following last night's mayhem.

As Beth Jademar added: "On a dark day when we are all proud to be English, there are always a few ***** to show us all. Shortly before 9.30 pm, the match started as England were playing a tight half hours more. Command House, which has since erased its Facebook page, was selling the six'VIP' desks for 50, which were nearer to the monitor and had a place mate.

Kent police said: "A spokesperson for the "The Kent police were summoned on July 3, 2018 at 8:17 p.m. to speak about a struggle with a group of individuals in a building on Dock Road, Chatham.

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