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Costs for travel from Europe to Cook Islands - Rarotonga Forum Hi all, anyone could tell me how much I can afford to pay for a European to Cook Islands pass in October? The lowest fare currently available with Air New Zealand is 1290 Euro (NZ$2295). Do I have to sit back and relax until fares fall or should I make my reservations right now?

Hello Tennis 80, I think that the prize is most likely the best one you get for this season, considering that New Zealand is host of the Rugby Championship. We' re waiting for large quantities from your part of the globe and I assume that some of them want to be tagging on the Cook Islands as it will be a great year there.

You' re sure to love Air New Zealand. Prost, don't waiting, the prizes won't fall if anything goes up! Can' t see airfares ever falling, we have been booking flights this year since June last year and there has been no real change in airfares if everything went its up.

We have also noticed an upturn in the air fares for the Rugby World Cup during the period you wish to be there. From London Heathrow we always fly with Air NZ via LA to Rarotonga, I assume you could book a trans-Atlantic trip to LA with another carrier, but you can only get from LA to Raro with Air NZ.

Lucky plans - the Cook Islands are awesome, we really like it there - it's a great place to go! When you want to go via LA and can go back via Sunday and Saturday, just a few nights, Air NZ has a $778 roundtrip for this time. Today we chartered our flight from Europe to the Cook Islands!

We' ve already reserved our accomodation in Rarotonga/Aitutaki. We' re going to be staying 26 overnight stays on the Cook Islands, so we've chosen to be on each of the islands for 13 more. The first 8 days we have the Heliconia Bungalows. We' ve reserved Matriki Bungalows for 9 days. We' re going to be spending the last four days at AKaiami Paradise.

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