Levi's Men's Clothing & Accessories. Levi's stands for classic American style and effortless coolness. Addy Arts+CultureCampbell remastered ideas of Levi's classic black masculinity: Levi's has remained unrivalled in denim play for over a century, thanks to the invention of one of the most famous jeans of all time. Buy the latest Levi's children's collection with classic denim and printed T-shirts for boys and girls.

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Levi's has not only lived since its foundation in 1873, but is also in charge of the production of the very first ever line of Blujeans over 100 years ago. It offers a number of models for every need and provides unsurpassed value for every set of denims it sells. Thin, slender, even or boot cut, everyone can find a couple for themselves.

Now you can fill your entire cloakroom with the best of Levi's, as you'll find everything from sweats and footwear to lingerie and shop accessoires. Levi's at Resorts World Birmingham will bring you all their excellence for a whole bunch less. The Levi's Storefront is located on the Resorts World groundfloor.


Levi's men's denims include many models where 501's are still a favorite, while Levi's children's apparel offers an excellent selection of apparel for younger people. Levi's women's apparel is one of the many faces of this classy brand, and a line that features Levi's denim, skirts, dresses as well as T-shirts makes sure the girls can pick from some of the most exhilarating outfits.

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Ever since Levi's® created it in 1873, Levi's Jean has been an empty screen for self-expression. You can now go to the Levi's and find your new Levi's at discounted rates. Celebrate your own individual lifestyle and show the rest of the Levi's® community how you work. Note students: Present your ID and get a 20% discount on all Levi's full priced items.

As the Jeansgigant Levi Strauss got his moljo back.

Smart-Chip Bergh has the human atmosphere in the whole wide globe. Levi Strauss' 60-year-old boss, clad in regulating bluedjeans and jeans shirts, likes to admit that he is "blessed and happy". He says six years after his succesful turn-around of the once battered US apparel company, the work still gives him a "wow" sentiments.

"It was a wake-up call," says Mr. Bergh. "I' m quite level-headed," says Mr. Bergh. How does Mr. Bergh summarize his leadership skills? Levi's has been overweight for many years through clever publicity and campaigns on sociopolitical topics (e.g. donations of billions to HIV/AIDS charities). "It was a time when we were taller than Nike," says Mr Bergh.

"It was Nike's ambition to be like Levi's. Levi's executive committee finally determined that he needed a new set of skills and turned to Mr. Bergh, who had the necessary trademark competence and internat. "More The Boss feature that introduce a different industry guide from around the globe every week:

Bergh made investments in furnishings, extended the apparel assortment (especially women's apparel) and extended into relatively undeveloped countries such as Russia, China and India. He also joined the company's top management group. We not only had to make changes in our businesses, but also in our cultures," he says, "and the best way to make changes in our cultures is to switch people.

" He acknowledges that the eviction was tragic, sometimes tragic, but says: "One must always do the harsher right than the lighter one. "The disadvantage of the Armed Forces was that the advancement was slow, and Mr Bergh wanted to "move forward quickly". Recruiting company found him at P&G.

Mr Bergh says, however, that the work is far from over.

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