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Fiji Islands Luxury Holidays

Have a look at our latest blog about our most popular luxury holidays in Fiji. Off the Grid luxury holiday in Fiji Everybody knows Fiji is home to 5-star luxury hotels and all-inclusive holidays, but if you really like luxury (and who doesn't?!) then there's so much more than Denarau and the Mamanuca Islands. Several of Fiji's most prominent and breathtaking luxury destinations are in some of the most breathtaking areas.

Luxurious resorts in Fiji: The Royal Davui Iceland Resort: The Royal Davui Islands is situated on a privately owned peninsula in the breathtaking Beqa Lagoon and is an all-inclusive adult area. Outstandingly remote, the islands only has 16 sales, spreading over 10 hectares of luxuriant tropic landscape, providing maximum comfort while you enjoy your diving and sundeck.

Royal Davui can be reached by water plane, chopper and car from Nadi airport, followed by a start shuttle to the isle. This is Dolphin Island: The Dolphin Islands has an up to 8 person max exclusivity, making it ideal for a luxurious group or home vacation in Fiji or for a decade Couple's Retreat.

It has 14 hectares of luxuriant verdant interiors and sandy beach where you can enjoy your day, as well as breathtaking snorkeling and canoeing. North of Viti Levu, you will have a personal car shuttle from Nadi Airport followed by a 20 -minute boating trip to your truly one-of-a-kind vacation spot (or by chopper or floatplane on request).

Isle of Savasi: One of the most affordable luxury Fiji holidays on a privately owned isle. Only 10 min from Savusavu International Port, the islands are sufficiently near to the shore to facilitate street accessibility, so you do not need a shuttle service. This also means that you have a broader choice of outdoor and leisure pursuits, as you are not limited to the island's borders.

In spite of its closeness to the mainland, the archipelago covers 52 hectares and there are only 7 mansions spread along the coastline, preserving the intimate ambience of other privately owned islands. Apartments Matangi Resort: The Matangi Resort is situated in northern Fiji, near Taveuni, and requires transfer by ferry and/or airport, but is definitely a worthwhile undertaking.

Located on its own horseshoe-shaped isle, this residence is home to only 9 Boers and 3 tree houses, so you will get 24/7 services and attentiveness from the team. Matangi is a privately owned insular holiday destination with everything you would want from a privately owned insular holiday destination, with local spas and dining, privately owned sandy beach and breathtaking countryside.

Fiji Qamea Resort and Spa: The Qamea Resort and Spas Fiji is situated in Fiji's less researched northerly area and has a maximal adult population of only 34 at any given moment, although it is on a 100 acre large privately owned peninsula. It is also home to the only Guinot spas in the South Pacific, making it the ideal choice for a luxurious, restful vacation in Fiji.

As with other privately owned islands in Fiji, the only way to reach the islands is by sea, which enhances the feeling of privacy and serenity. Fiji Nanuku Auberge Resort: Nanuku Auberge Resort Fiji offers 5 -star luxury with individual butler, family nanny and tailor-made activities.

Overlooking the Beqa Lagoon, about 2.5 hrs from Nadi by road, the residence is easily reached by either air, road, private and chartered. Select from seaside mansions or luxury seafront mansions, various restaurants, and a variety of outdoor pursuits such as daily excursions, cookery courses, spas, and more.

Individual luxury holidays in Fiji:

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