Maui and Molokai

The Maui and Molokai

Friendly Molokai Island just a short flight away from Maui. Climb high above the magnificent natural wonders of Maui and Molokai on this breathtaking helicopter tour. Discover deep meandering valleys in the rainforest of the old West Maui Mountains. We've been to other Hawaiian islands before. It has never been a better time to visit the Valley Isle and its two satellite islands that make up the district of Maui:

<font color="#ffff00">e ho'ona'auao honuao'oiai ma ka hall- A kingdom of knowledging--

There are no diversions of a bustling, urbane way of life. They are replaced by the quiet, rough elegance of nature and a small community whose main emphasis is on families and mates. The traditional Molokai is a place for studying - quiet, welcoming, open, self-confident and well-informed.

Realise your greatest potentials, find your own voices, practice your passions and explore everything on Molokai Isle.

Helicopters ( "Maui to Molokai" helicopter & plane tours), Maui sightseeing trips & activites, great in Maui.

Molokai is only a few minutes from Maui. Breathtaking views of the cosy Kaunakakakai city or the wonderful Halawa valley. Over the West Maui Mountains, which hide secret dales like Iao and Waihee, or across the canal to Molokai's mighty ocean crags around Kalaupapa.

Departure from Kahului in West Maui on an exciting helo over the Paliolo Canal to Molokai, an isle surrounded by 3,000 feet of crags. Everyday heli trips to the most remote and scenic areas of Maui and Molokai; across luxuriant dales, lovely sandy shores and falls! Take the scenic West Maui hills and Vale and cross the Pailolo Canal to Molokai.

You will see the huge rocks, water falls and the untouched countryside.

The Molokai Planning Commission

The Molokai Planing Commission: Concentrated on the area that includes the Molokai Islands, with the exception of the part of the area known as the Kalaupapa settlement. He advises the mayor, the district council and the director of programming. Review the general plans and amendments drawn up by the Director of Plans or at the County Council's invitation and, after open consultations, submit evidence and advice to the County Council for review and to act.

Review other suggested regulations on lan use and changes drafted by the planning director or district council and, after open consultations, submit results and suggestions to the district council for review and to act. Is responsible for all issues related to the Coastal Zone Management Act. Have a look at the available agenda, documents and transcripts of the Molokai Planning Commission sittings.

Molokai Planning Commission is based at the Mitchell Pauole Center and is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:30.

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